Outreach RBoise Police are keenly aware that safety of our community is a partnership among all of us. The men and women of the Boise Police Department are dedicated to protecting and serving citizens, as well as educating and leading members of our community to a safer tomorrow.

Citizens can get involved and learn how to keep themselves, their families, neighborhoods and workplaces safer in a number of ways. Learn more about the various options listed below by clicking on the title to the left of this page.

The Boise Police Department provides speakers, tours, and event support to schools, businesses, and community groups, located within the City of Boise, at no charge. To request a service, fill out the Community Event Outreach Request form.

Community Volunteers offer a valuable service to officers and citizens, and get a truly rewarding experience in return. Volunteers are needed in a number of areas.

Neighbors watching out for neighbors is the most effective crime prevention tool in any community. To learn more, or organize a Neighborhood Watch in your area.

The Boise Police Department offers a variety of community events citizens can learn from and take part in.

Boise PD has a unit of officers specifically assigned to work on long term neighborhood problems, from investigating drug houses, to noise complaints and other safety issues. Neighborhood Contact Officers.