Traffic Enforcement

Motorsradar RBoise police know that traffic safety is key to neighborhood safety.

This online reporting system may allow you to file taffic related concerns online directly from your computer depending on the situation. Please Click HERE for the Boise Police Online Reporting System and Information!

You may also report a traffic concern directly to the Boise Police Motor Patrol Office at (208) 570-6374.

Officers approach traffic-related issues through three methods: Education, Enforcement, and Engineering.

Officers in BPD’s Motor unit enforce and educate drivers about traffic laws and safety during regular traffic stops. Additionally, BPD Motor officers hold workshops with the public and attend High School drivers education classes.

In addition to education and enforcement, BPD focuses on the engineering aspect of traffic issues. If a particular area or intersection is identified as a traffic problem area, Motor officers will be assigned to the area to evaluate the common issues and how to efficiently resolve them. Boise Police work with the Ada County Highway District to fix issues such as traffic control signals, lighting issues, and any other engineering related problems.

The Boise Police Department knows that practicing traffic safety in neighborhoods is necessary to building a safer community. Boise Police receive traffic complaints on a daily basis from people throughout the entire city. Traffic complaints are regularly reviewed and Motor officers are then assigned to specific areas for follow-ups. 

To learn more about traffic laws in the City of Boise, log onto:

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