Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to build a safe and healthy neighborhood.   Through the Neighborhood Watch program you will learn how to prevent and reduce crime, address home and personal security, and build a sense of community in your neighborhood.

A Little History:  In 1972, the National Sheriffs Association created a model program for todays Neighborhood watch program.  At that time, police chiefs were searching for ways to address the increasing burglary rate across the country. It was recognized that in communities where residents observed, recognized and reported suspicious and criminal activities to their law enforcement agencies, the burglary rate dropped and other crimes were reduced. Today, Neighborhood Watch is the largest single organized crime prevention project in the nation. In 1980, the Boise Police Department felt the need to combat the increased crime that was being experienced in Boise City, and the Neighborhood Watch Program was implemented. Since its inception, the Neighborhood Watch Program has been a major factor in reducing crime in these neighborhoods utilizing the program. Neighborhood Watch encourages neighbors to know each other and watch out for each other. A good neighbor is a highly effective crime prevention tool. Watch groups create a sense of community and pride by becoming unified in their desire to have a safe and healthy neighborhood.

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch:
  1. Reduces fear of crime 
  2. Deters criminal activity 
  3. Stimulates neighborhood awareness by people watching out for each other 
  4. Reduces the risk of becoming a crime victim 
  5. Trains residents on securing their homes and property, recognizing and reporting suspicious and criminal activity, and communicating with neighbors 
  6. Residents receive information by the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit on criminal activity in or near their neighborhood so residents can take precautions, and be the eyes and ears for law enforcement 
  7. Offers bi-annual Neighborhood Watch newsletters and a variety of training opportunities 
  8. Offers updated crime prevention literature and information 
  9. Encourages block parties, visiting with neighbors, and having fun in your neighborhood 

How Can I Start a Neighborhood Watch?

If you are interested in finding out more information or want to start a Neighborhood Watch in your area, contact Carrie Demirelli at 570-6070 or