Motor Patrol

 Today, the Boise Police motor patrol consists of several uniformed officers who patrol the neighborhoods, roads, and highways in the Boise area.

Goals of the Motor Unit

  • Reduce the number and severity of injury and property damage collisions.
  • Educate the motoring public.
  • Make engineering recommendations to reduce collisions.
  • Impact specific traffic problems.
  • Assist with special events.

For a traffic concern contact Sgt. Erik Tiner at or to ask a question about special events email Motors Sgt. Tom Fleming at


The Boise Police department formed a motorcycle patrol unit in the early 70's. The Motor patrol unit quickly became a invaluable resource allowing officers to catch traffic violators which may otherwise have avoided detection. The motorcycles they ride also provide the department with mobility during special events and other crowded situations.

   The Boise police motor patrol unit sponsors several events, training classes, and public education opportunities throughout the year.

Every Motor Officer is required to attend a 2 week basic motor course at POST and pass a skills test before they are certified as a Motor Officer. In addition, each officer attends a spring refresher class for a couple of days and all officers are expected to attend and pass a qualification test at monthly team training. A variety of sites and exercises are used to enhance and sharpen the officer's skills. Officers are members of and attend courses offered by North American Motor Officer Association. Every day is a training opportunity for Motors and each officer works on skills and tactics to keep them safe and effective as they patrol the city of Boise.

 Motor officers are selected from within the department.  Once that officer is selected, they must complete and pass a rigorous two week Basic Motor Officer Course.  From there they enter a Field Training program where time is spent with each of the motor officers.  The motor officer is expected to ride not only when the weather is nice, but in the cold, hot, or rain.  The only time you will not see a motor officer on his motorcycle is when snow or ice are present.