Pipes and Drums

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The City Of Boise Police Pipes and Drums was created in 1996 with the help of the department and several volunteers. The band consists of roughly 13 performers, both Boise Police Officers and Volunteers who donate their time and talents. Currently there are 8 Scottish bagpipe players and five drummers playing snare drums and a base drum.

The Scottish Bagpipes are thought to date back to about 100 a.d. Their true origin is uncertain, but the Scottish Highland bagpipe is the most familiar throughout the world. They became popular in Scotland during the 15th century.

Some 'form' of bagpipes are used in France, Ireland, Italy, India, Spain, Greece, Persia, and Russia, (and more) but in Scotland they have become an integral part of the country's culture. Scotland is the ancestral home of the "Great Highland Bagpipes" known to all as the "GreatPipes". "Pipers" play the bagpipes, not Bagpipers.

The Great Highland Bagpipe comprises of an air bag, usually made of sheepskin, into which are bound five pipes:NEW Pipesanddrums R a bass drone, two tenor drones, the mouthpiece and the chanter on which the tune is played. The chanter is a short pipe with eight holes, one for the players thumb and eight for his fingers. The player can produce nine notes from low G to high A.

Making the limited range of the pipes sound more attractive, the player introduces grace notes or trills, which, with the wailing of the drones, makes the familiar "skirl" of the pipes.

The City of Boise Police Pipes and Drums performs at various public events including celebrations, funerals, and promotion ceremonies.

Click here to listen to a sample of the Boise City Police Pipes & Drums Performances captured live at a performance.