Mental Health Coordinator

The Mental Health Coordinator (MHC) coordinates and collaborates with members of the Boise Police Department and community partners to facilitate the delivery of mental health services to those facing a mental health crisis.  The MHC performs independent work related to educating law enforcement professionals to recognize signs of mental illness, intervening preemptively where possible, and connecting individuals with needed social services as follow-up to any police response or interaction.DJohnson


Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT)

  • 133 BPD Officers trained in CIT, approximately 45% of officers.
  • Annual Block training for all officers on behavioral health topic.
  • All BPD Officers receive CIT Training in Verbal De-escalation, LE Response to Autism Spectrum, a variety of interviewing of special victims related training, scenarios involving use of force options with people in crisis.
  • Regular briefing training regarding behavioral health concerns.
  • CIT Model reduces both stigma and the need for further involvement with the criminal justice system
  • The goal of CIT is to improve officer and public safety, to redirect Individuals with mental illness from the judicial system to the health care system. 

More about Law Enforcement Response to Individuals with Mental Health Concerns 

  • Each situation and risk is evaluated by the officer responding to determine the appropriate and safest response to every situation.  Each call is handled based upon the totality of the individual circumstances.
  • Law Enforcement will evaluate each situation and the safety risk to the community and officers. This includes response to individuals reported to be suicidal. Law Enforcement Officers must have a lawful reason to be on a person’s private property.
  • Law Enforcement Officers cannot make anyone take their medication.  Only a judge’s order can mandate medical treatment. 
  • Law Enforcement cannot put an individual on a mental hold soley due to concerns of substance use; this is an exclusion in the code.  A persons threat to harm themself or others must be an imminent threat.
  • Law Enforcement Officers want to assist you, but they have to follow the law. 

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline - 1-800-273-8255