Crisis Negotiations Team

cntcrissisnegotiationsteamlogo.jpgMission Statement

The mission of the Boise Police Department's Crisis Negotiation Team is to provide the field commander with negotiators who have been specifically trained and equipped to diffuse critical incidents involving suspects who are suicidal, barricaded, hostage-taking or engaged in terrorist activities.

Negotiators seek to accomplish this task by persuasion and thus minimizing the need for the use of force; yet, they also continually provide the field and tactical (SOU) commanders with intelligence should a tactical solution be required.

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT)

  • 120 BPD Officers trained in CIT
  • Annual Block training for all officers on behavioral health topic
  • All BPD Officers receive CIT Training in Verbal De-escalation, LE Response to Autism Spectrum, a variety of interviewing of special victims related training, scenarios involving use of force options with people in crisis
  • Regular briefing training regarding behavioral health concerns
  • All officers trained in with 4 hours of mental health specialized training
  • CIT Model reduces both stigma and the need for further involvement with the criminal justice system
  • The goal of CIT is to improve officer and public safety, to redirect Individuals with mental illness from the judicial system to the health care system.