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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Traveling theft group located in Boise after burglarizing vehicles and using stolen credit cards

Arrested:  Amahad K. Ware, 20, Lauderhill, FL

Charged: Grand Theft- Attempted (F), Burglary (F), Resisting or Obstructing Officers (m)

Arrested:  Seth R. Stewart, 26, Atlanta, GA

Charged:  Grand Theft (F), Burglary (F), Conspiracy (F), Resisting or Obstructing Officers (m)

On Wednesday, Boise Police Patrol officers responded to multiple vehicle burglaries outside gyms and daycare centers in Boise.  The investigation indicated that the suspects had targeted the vehicles because valuable property was visible inside.  The suspects entered the vehicles either through an unlocked door or by breaking a side window, and then quickly stole purses and wallets.  The suspects then used stolen credit and debit cards to purchase gift cards at retail stores in both Boise and Garden City.  BPD Financial Crimes Unit detectives, Neighborhood Contact Officers, and Patrol officers investigated the thefts and evidence indicated that the suspects were likely a traveling theft group from out of state. 

On Thursday, more reports of car burglaries were reported and evidence indicated that stolen financial transaction cards were being used at stores in Meridian and Canyon County as well.  Following an in depth and cooperative investigation with officers and detectives from the Garden City Police Department, Meridian Police Department, and Ada County Sheriff’s Office ACTION Team and Criminal Investigation Division, Boise Police officers were able to locate two of the suspects at a hotel off Vista Avenue on Thursday afternoon.  Evidence indicated that they were involved in the burglaries from Thursday morning.  Officers took the suspects into custody and they are charged with multiple felonies related to the car burglaries and illegal use of a financial transaction card. 

“These were thieves from out of town who were very aggressive in stealing people’s purses, wallets and credit cards,” Sgt. John Terry said.  “It required a lot of police resources to surveil and take them into custody, as well as cooperation from the local retail community.  We believe they were also involved in other crimes outside of Boise and we are continuing to follow up on a sizable amount of evidence that we collected.”

The investigation is ongoing and more charges are pending.  

Vehicle Burglary Prevention Reminders:

Most vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity.  Taking extra precautions can greatly reduce the chance of becoming a victim.  To help avoid becoming the victim of a vehicle burglary, you are urged to:


-A locked vehicle is safer.  Remember to close the widows or sunroof, even when parking at home.


-Remove valuables from plain view, even if the vehicle is locked.

-Unless going straight home, store all shopping bags and other purchases in the trunk.

-Don’t leave a trace of items that may be hidden “out of sight”.  For example: the suction cup on the dashboard may indicate there is a GPS inside.

-Do not leave the garage door opener in plain view.

-Carry registration and insurance cards with you or lock in the glove box.


-Remove all items from your car.  They cannot be stolen if they are not inside your car.

-Don't leave car, house, or work keys in the vehicle.