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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Boise Police Department Promotions and Award Ceremony

The Boise Police Department is proud to recognize our newly promoted officers and celebrate our outstanding award recipients. As part of the Promotion and Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, Boise Police also honored four members of the Ada County Paramedics Tac Med team for their exceptional service during an officer-involved shooting on November 11th, 2016.

Congratulations to all of the award winners and to newly promoted Lieutenant Mike Ruffalo, Sergeant Adam Nielsen and Sergeant Eric Urian. 

Medal of Honor Award

            Corporal Kevin Holtry

            Corporal Chris Davis

            Detective Brian Holland

            Corporal Denny Carter

Medal of Valor Award

            Sergeant Loren Hilliard

            Officer Josh Kincaid

            Detective Tim Brady

            Officer Jordan McCarthy

            Sergeant Sean Stace

            Officer Steve Martinez

            Officer Cameron Kolos

            Officer Joe Martinez

Police Silver Star Award

            Officer Steve Martinez

            Corporal Scott Nicholls

            Officer Jason Green

            Officer Rob Rainford

            Officer Byron Grover

            Corporal Kevin Holtry

            Officer Luis Gutierrez

            Officer Chris Zimmer

            Officer Chris Wirshing

            Officer Tyjuan Lynn

            Corporal Eric Johnson

            Officer Rob Johnson

            Corporal Andrew S. Johnson

Purple Heart Award

            Corporal Kevin Holtry

            Corporal Chris Davis

            Officer Jordan McCarthy

Lifesaving Award

            Sergeant Loren Hilliard       

            Officer Josh Kincaid

            Detective Tim Brady

            Corporal Denny Carter

            Detective Brian Holland

            Officer Anthony Coils

            Officer Chance Feldner

            Officer Michelle Havens

            Officer Matt Hudson

            Officer Mitch Tiner

            Sergeant Sara Hill

            Officer Dustin Robinson

            Officer Jessica Fowler

Exceptional Service Award

           Ada County Paramedics Tactical Medical Team

           Tactical Paramedic Annalise Lane

           Tactical Paramedic Casey Lane

           Captain Cody Porter

           Deputy Chief Peder Humlen-Ahearn

Meritorious Action Award

            Officer Karen Hodges

Distinguished Unit Citation

            Information Led Policing Unit         

Command Leadership Award

            Lieutenant Matt Jones

Chief’s Commendation Award

            Officer Dan Muguira

            Officer Logan Terry

            Officer Joe Martinez

            Officer Shane Langton

            Sergeant Loren Hilliard

            Sergeant Matt Konvalinka

            Officer Kevin Wittmuss

Ada County Paramedics Tactical Medical Team’s Response

The Ada County Paramedics Tactical Medical Team, commonly called “TacMed,” provides medical care and consultation to high-risk law enforcement specialty teams. As the ‘medical side” of the SWAT team, TacMed trains with and work alongside law enforcement officers who serve high-risk warrants, respond to barricaded subjects, perform hostage rescues, dispose of explosives and conduct area searches for violent criminals. TacMed’s primary goal is to ensure officer survival. On November 11, 2016 Annalise Lane, Casey Lane, Cody Porter and Peder Humlen-Ahearn were dispatched to an armed fugitive incident where Boise Police officers were shot while apprehending the fugitive. Boise Police Department charges Ada County Paramedics Tactical Medical Team with saving its officers lives that day.