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Monday, September 25, 2017

BPD Watch Log: Vehicle stolen while left unlocked and running to warm up; Driver arrested for DUI after hit and run

A man and woman were arrested overnight in connection to a stolen vehicle that was left running in the driveway to warm up. BPD reminds you to plan ahead and don’t leave your car unlocked and running.  Here are a few ideas to help prevent theft.

1)      Get a second key or key fob, so you can lock your doors while it is warming.

2)      Install a remote starter, so you can start your vehicle while still inside, so the car remains locked.

3)      Plan a few additional minutes into your schedule for warming your car and clearing the windows.

4)      Bundle up and sit in your car.

5)      Buy a windshield scraper and scrape your windows instead of letting the car defrost them.

Suspect: Matthew Long, 31, Boise

Charges: Grand theft (F) 2 counts, False information provided to a police officer (m)

Suspect: Jasmyn Bandurraga, 20, Boise

Charges: Grand theft (F) 2 counts, Failure to appear (F), False information provided to a police officer (m)

What happened: At 3:11 a.m. on S. Gourley St. a Boise man left his truck running in the driveway to warm up.  Soon after, he noticed someone stealing his vehicle and called 911 as they drove away.  Boise Police spotted the vehicle driving in the area of Malad and Orchard. The person driving the truck accelerated and drove off quickly when they saw police.  The officer did not pursue the truck but additional officers were called to the area.  The suspects abandoned the vehicle and were found on foot nearby.  When contacted by officers, both suspects provided false information about their identities.  Following an investigation, officers were able to determine their real names and found evidence linking them to the stolen truck.  Officers also found Jasmyn Bandurraga in possession of a Financial Transaction Card that did not belong to her.  Both suspects had warrants and were arrested and taken to the Ada County Jail on the above charges.  The truck was returned to its owner. 


Suspect: Joseph Brollier, 51, Boise

Charges: Driving under the influence (3rd or subsequent offense) (F), Accident-failure to stop or give information on resulting in property damage collision (m) 2 counts, Drug paraphernalia (m)

On 9/22/17 at 10:30 p.m. officers responded to a report of a hit and run on the 500 block of Americana.  Witnesses say the driver was headed southbound on Americana when he hit a building and a flower bed before getting out of his car and walking away.  The suspect was still in the area and witnesses pointed him out to officers.  The suspect, identified as Joseph Brollier, appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.  The suspect refused a breath test and a blood test was taken at the Ada County Jail for further evidence testing. A police K9 also alerted to the vehicle indicating the likely presence of illegal drugs. A subsequent search revealed drug paraphernalia under the driver’s seat. Brollier has two prior DUI convictions, one from 2008 and one from 2010 making this charge a felony. The suspect was booked into the Ada County jail on the above charges. 

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