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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Proudly recognizing our newly promoted officers and award winners

The Boise Police Department is proud to recognize our newly promoted officers and celebrate this year’s outstanding award recipients.

August 2, 2017 - BPD’s newly promoted Captain Brian Lee, Lieutenant Charlie LeBar, Lieutenant Steve Butler, Sergeant Matt Miller and Sergeant Sean Stace took the official oath of office in their new positions.

Awards were also handed out for the following achievements.

-The first ever Boise Police Department Enduring Service Award was awarded to Detective Shelli Sonnenberg.

enduring service award shelli sonnenberg.png

                Shelli has served as a BPD officer for the past 18 years and taken on numerous ancillary assignments.  From task forces to Honor Guard to creating the BPD Refugee Liaison program, Shelli has gone above and beyond in her service to our community both on and off duty. “No list could ever encompass the difference Detective Shelli Sonnenberg has made or the number of lives she has touched. She has dedicated both her career and her personal life to serving those in our community in need of help,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones

-The Police Silver Star was awarded to Officer Carly Bock and Officer Annie Matheus (not pictured) for intentionally placing themselves in harm’s way while rescuing a citizen.

Carly Bock

                On September 23, 2016 Officers Carly Bock and Annie Matheus responded to an injury traffic accident.  One of the involved vehicles had caught on fire and was burning intensely, while a male victim, who was struck by a vehicle, was suffering from serious head injuries. The victim was laying on the sidewalk near the vehicle on fire.  Without hesitation or concern for their own safety, both officers rushed to the victim and dragged him away from the burning vehicle seconds before it became completely engulfed in flames and exploded. Both officers remained with the victim, administering first aid and verbal encouragement, while being exposed to a significant amount of blood from the victim.

-The Lifesaving Award was awarded to Officer Dave Frederick and Officer Jessica Fowler (not pictured) for their quick thinking and timely actions.

Officer Frederick life saving award.png    

            On Dec. 7th 2016 Officer Frederick was driving, off duty, and noticed tracks in the snow leading off the road. Officer Frederick stopped and discovered that an SUV had gone off the road, down a mountain, and landed upside down in a creek.  Officer Frederick ran to the vehicle and found a female held in the driver’s seat by her seat belt.  Officer Frederick entered knee deep water to get the subject out of the car, and with the help of a tow-truck driver, helped her up the mountain and into his car until EMS arrived.  The temperature was near zero degrees, and the female estimated that she was trapped for an hour before being found.  If Officer Frederick had not taken note of the tire tracks and stopped to investigate, the female driver may have suffered from hypothermia and died.  

                On Feb. 13, 2017, Officer Fowler responded to an EMS assist.  First on scene, Officer Fowler found a male had been removed from his car after being found slumped over the wheel in critical medical condition.  Officer Fowler noticed his breathing was seizing, provided an update on the radio, and initiated CPR. EMS arrived on scene and continued CPR on the subject, who appeared to be deceased.  Once in the ambulance, the male began to breath on his own and sat up, wondering why his chest hurt so much. 

- Distinguished Unit Citations were awarded to the BPD Crime Lab and Violent Crimes Unit for their vital and exceptional quality service to the organization. 

crime lab.png

                Over the past year, the Boise Police Crime Lab has distinguished themselves thorough their exemplary case work for the Criminal Investigative Division. Their work includes countless hours in the lab processing recovered evidence. Often times they are expected to come through and find that tiny key piece of evidence that makes a case, and in 2016 they accomplished this time and time again. 

violent crimes unit.png

                In 2016, The City of Boise experienced its highest number ever of homicides.  Many of the cases the Violent Crimes Unit solved this year were solved by teamwork, persistence and a desire to serve the community. Due to the tremendous skill, teamwork and dedication of the Violent Crimes Unit, victims and their families found justice, and our community is a safer place to live.