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Chief of Police

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Georgia trio suspected of fraud arrested Tuesday

Arrested: Jonathan D. Jones, 46, Decatur, GA

Charged:  Criminal Conspiracy (F)  

Arrested:  Travis D. Bolston, 35, Atlanta, GA  

Charged:  Criminal Conspiracy (F)   

Arrested:  Leshelica H. Reese, 38, Fairburn, GA  

Charged:  Criminal Conspiracy (F)   

On Tuesday, August 29, Boise Police Financial Crimes detectives were made aware of possible fraudulent activity being attempted in the Boise area.  Detectives located evidence that at least three fraudulent checks connected to a legitimate business in the Treasure Valley had been cashed on that date at a Meridian bank.  Upon investigation, detectives were able to locate evidence of fraud as well as descriptions of two vehicles being driven by those suspected.  Officers located one of the vehicles at Palouse and Roosevelt and initiated a traffic stop when it failed to stop at a stop sign.  The other suspect vehicle was located and also stopped.  Throughout the investigation detectives located evidence indicating three suspects had traveled to the Boise area from out of state with the intent to commit fraud.  One check was made out to an unknowing third party who was asked to cash the check and return the majority of the money to the suspects.  The circumstances surrounding the remaining two checks remain under investigation.  Officers booked the three suspects into the Ada County Jail and charged them with felony criminal conspiracy.        

Idaho State Code 18-1701-  CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY DEFINED. If two (2) or more persons combine or conspire to commit any crime or offense prescribed by the laws of the state of Idaho, and one (1) or more of such persons does any act to effect the object of the combination or conspiracy, each shall be punishable upon conviction in the same manner and to the same extent as is provided under the laws of the state of Idaho for the punishment of the crime or offenses that each combined to commit.