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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Join us for National Night Out and celebrate safety in Boise

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As the City grows we all have to work a little harder to keep Boise the same place we know and love.  For that reason, we hope you’ll join us Tuesday, August 1st for National Night Out. 

National Night Out Registered Party List - Updated July 12, 2017

National Night Out is a great reason to plan an event, get to know your neighbors and encourage community-police partnerships. The partnership we have with our community forms the backbone of the safe communities we enjoy here in the Treasure Valley.  When we work together we can ensure that our city remains a place where you can walk at night, where kids can ride their bikes through the neighborhood, where graffiti is the exception and we look after the little things as well as the big. 

Residents who know each other and their area police officers live in safer, more welcoming neighborhoods. Well connected neighbors are also more likely to keep an eye out for each other and report suspicious activity to law enforcement.  That's why Boise Police, Boise Fire, and other city agencies are happy to support National Night Out. Many neighborhoods have already registered their NNO events, and are planning ice cream socials, BBQs and potlucks. Signing up lets folks request a visit from officers, police K9, firefighters, or a city council member.

boise fire nno winner.jpgboise police nno winner.JPG

So far two NNO Registration winners have been chosen.   Julie Scarborough  and Corrie Hugaboom both won a basket with family-fun gifts and activities. Congrats Julie and Corrie!  Julie resides in West Boise and her neighborhood National Night Out will include a BBQ for families and a bouncy house for the kids. Corrie lives in the North End/20th Street area and her neighborhood is hosting a Barbeque/Potluck. All registrants will have a chance to win the July NNO registration basket at the end of the month.

If you are planning on hosting a National Night Out party and would like city participation, your event must be registered by Friday, July 21st (please visit  /crime-prevention/neighborhood-watch/national-night-out-planning/). If you’ve already signed up, thank you for participating. If you’re wondering if your neighborhood is hosting a party, ask your neighborhood watch leaders, homeowners association or neighbors.


It's always a joy to visit our local neighborhoods and see kids bouncing in bouncy houses and riding their bikes.  The Mayor and I have attended these parties together for years and each time we have had great conversations with party planners, neighbors, chefs, bakers, parents and kids. It seems we always learn a little something new about this great city and make new friends in the meantime.  It’s truly one of our favorite nights of the year at the Boise Police Department. So grill up some burgers, serve up those desserts, and ask the neighborhood DJ to prepare some tunes. National Night Out is coming…join in!

-Chief William Bones

Boise Police