Boise Police Department
News Release

William L. Bones
Chief of Police

Contact: BPD Media Relations Office


Monday, May 22, 2017

Suspects charged with trespassing on Alto Via Court. The public is reminded to stay away.

Arrested: Blake Beverly, 33, Boise

Charges: Trespass (m), Public Intoxication (m)

Arrested: Kristopher Richins, 24, Boise

Charge: Trespass (m)

Sunday around 2:00 pm Boise Police were called to Alto Via Ct.  Alto Via Ct. is closed and considered a dangerous road due to a continuing land slide.  Witnesses a block away saw and heard four males at a home with an active trespass letter. Boise Police responded and detained the suspects. One suspect, Blake Beverly, was heavily intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Blake Beverly and Kristopher Richins were taken to the Ada County jail and booked on the above charges.  The two other males with them were juveniles.  They were released to family and charges are possible. 

There are several signs on Alto Via court that say no trespassing.  There are also large cement barricades with signs warning people to say away. The area is not safe and people who venture onto private property could be charged.  The landslide has created dangerous conditions including widening crevices and structural damage to the homes.  People need to stay away from Alto Via Court for their own safety.  

alto via  road closed.JPG

alto via road closed 2.JPG