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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Five Members of the BPD Special Operations Unit receive 2017 Top Cop Honorable Mention Awards

The annual TOP COPS Awards ceremony is held in Washington D. C. each year in conjunction with the celebration of National Police Week.  National Police Week is Monday, May 15, 2017 through Sunday, May 21, cop awards.JPG

Five BPD officers are in Washington D.C. to accept their Top Cop Honorable Mentions awards on Friday, May 12. The officers were nominated for this prestigious award due to their exceptional and heroic efforts on August 5, 2016 which resulted in the safe arrest of a suspect.

What Happened: In the evening hours of August 5, 2016, an adult male suspect was discovered burglarizing the garage of a home in Boise. When the homeowner attempted to stop the suspect, he pointed a firearm at her and threatened her with death if she contacted law enforcement. Despite the threat, the homeowner called the police. Members of several local law enforcement agencies responded and made a felony stop on the suspect’s vehicle in a mostly residential area. Two accomplices to the burglary followed the commands of law enforcement officers and were taken into custody. The suspect refused to exit the vehicle, displayed a firearm and repeatedly pointed it at uniformed law enforcement officers.

The Boise Police Department’s Special Operations Unit was deployed to the scene to assist crisis negotiators in an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully. Detectives Tim Brady, Detective Coy Bruner, Corporal Denny Carter, Corporal Chris Davis, and Corporal Brek Orton arrived on-scene in a Boise Police Department Armored Bearcat Vehicle. Over the course of several hours of tense negotiation, the SOU members used the Bearcat to successfully deliver requested items to the suspect as part of the negotiation. During the standoff the suspect was emotional and angry. He was heard yelling into a cell phone that he would not return to prison, and he repeatedly pointed his firearm at officers on-scene. The officers exercised great resolve in deploying tactics calculated to allow crisis negotiators additional time to attempt to persuade the suspect to surrender.

The suspect eventually stopped communicating with negotiators. From his position in the turret of the Bearcat, Corporal Davis observed the suspect attempting to start the vehicle in an apparent attempt to flee. Corporal Davis could see the suspect still had a firearm. In order to prevent the suspect from driving away the SOU members quickly formulated a plan to disable the vehicle by pushing the side of the vehicle with the Bearcat.

In furtherance of the plan, Corporal Orton left the cover of the Bearcat, placing himself in harm’s way to remove the ram from the front of the Bearcat. He then joined Detectives Brady and Bruner outside of the driver’s side of the Bearcat to serve as a react/take-down team in the event the suspect elected to jump from his vehicle and run from the scene. As the Bearcat pushed the suspect’s vehicle up on its two passenger side tires, the suspect fired a shot in the direction of the officers. Corporal Davis observed the shot from the turret of the Bearcat and reported over the radio to other law enforcement officers on-scene that shots had been fired. Acting quickly and decisively, Corporal Orton deployed a flash bang onto the hood of the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect reacted by firing yet another shot towards the officers.

Corporal Carter, riding in the passenger seat of the Bearcat, determined that the suspect appeared intent upon killing members of the SOU, other on-scene law enforcement officers and possibly residents living in one of the many homes around the scene rather than be apprehended and face the probability of returning to prison. Corporal Carter quickly devised a plan to neutralize the suspect by leaving the Bearcat in an effort to gain a clear shot of the suspect. Corporal Orton maneuvered around to the passenger side of the Bearcat to provide necessary cover. Corporal Carter determined very quickly that he would not be able to obtain a clear shot at the suspect and without hesitation deployed a flash bang into the passenger compartment of the suspect’s vehicle. The explosion caused the suspect to throw his firearm from the vehicle, effectively surrendering. Corporal Orton issued commands to the suspect until the rest of the SOU members could take the suspect safely into custody.

The actions of these officers demonstrates the value of sound tactics, patience, effective communication, vigilance, creativity and quick thinking. Thanks to the bravery and restraint of these seasoned officers, this incident resolved without injury to members of the public, law enforcement officers, or the suspect.