Boise Police Department
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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

Contact: BPD Media Relations Office


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boise Police seek public feedback; Citizens may get a letter requesting participation in a confidential survey

Beginning tomorrow, the Boise Police Department will send out letters to about 150 people who have had a recent encounter with a BPD officer. Those people will be asked to be part of a survey asking how they felt about the interaction.

Local Results; National Survey: Boise Police are one of about 100 police department around the country taking part in the National Police Research Platform’s Police Community Interaction Survey, administered by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

As survey results from the public come in, Boise Police will be able to use them to monitor service and improve department procedures and training. The results will also be calculated by UIC researchers into national data to help set new benchmarks for police service. The goal of the survey if to help to improve the quality of police services delivered to communities nationwide.

How the Survey Works: People involved in police encounters that include traffic crashes, traffic stops and most non-violent crimes may be part of the survey. Approximately 150 letters will be sent out from BPD each week to drivers or victims who reported crimes asking them to take part in the survey, either by phone or via the web, in English or Spanish.

The survey will not be sent to juveniles or anyone involved in crimes of a sensitive nature like sexual assaults, domestic violence or crimes against children.

None of the survey information will be collected by BPD since all survey responses will go directly to and be managed by the UIC researchers. The results provided to BPD will not include any information identifying the individual responding to the survey or the officer involved in the contact, as this information is never provided to UIC researchers.

The survey will continue until approximately 1,500 responses are received.

Additional questions may be directed to the National Police Research Platform Staff at 312-996-4574 or 

In the Treasure Valley, the Nampa Police Department is also participating in the survey and has been since November, 2013.