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Sunday, February 16, 2014

UPDATE: FOUND: Missing dads and their children located safe in Prarie

FOUND: Update: 5:30 p.m. - Boise Police officers have spoken with one of the men rreported missing overnight and confirm they families are safe.

 "This is great news. We're all very happy they're safe and being reunited with family," said Sgt. Mark Barnett of the Boise Police Department.

They tell officers their vehicle became stuck in a snowbank where they spent the night. They say they began walking at 8:00 this morning and about 5:20 p.m. found someone home at a cabin in the small Elmore County community of Prarie. The men called family on a landline phone.

When officers spoke with one of the dads, he estimated they had walked about 19 miles to find help. They were tired but otherwise said they did not need medical attention. Family was headed up to the cabin to bring the men and their children home. 

Boise Police want to thank the Ada County Sheriff's Office and deputies with the Elmore, Boise and Owyhee County Sheriff's Offices who all helped in searching for the families.



Search Ongoing for Missing  Dads and their Children

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Update: 3:28 p.m. - Last phone contact with the missing families was yesterday afternoon in the Lucky Peak - Arrow Rock area. Authorities are focusing their search now in that direction. 

Families tell officers they too are up searching for their missing loved ones.

Anyone who may have seen the two dads with their kids is urged to contact their local law enforcement.


   Feb. 16, 2:41 p.m. - Boise Police are asking authorities in Southwest Idaho to be on the lookout for five missing people; two dads and their three children. The families reportedly went for a drive yesterday and never came home. At this time, the search is challenging since there is no confirmed direction or location of where the families might have gone. Deputies in Ada, Elmore, Owyhee and Boise County are assisting in searching for the missing families. 

   Reported Missing: Two men: John Julian, 38 and William Murkle, 34, both of Boise.

John’s two children – Samantha, 8 and Isaac, 7

William’s daughter Megun, 10 

   Last Seen: About 2:00 p.m. yesterday in Boise. The family reports  John, William and the children left yesterday to take a drive and perhaps a hike near either Lucky Peak or CJ Strike reservoir. They also indicated they may take a hike. They told family members they would be home by 5:00 p.m. last night and they never returned. Family members tell officers they do not believe they took provisions for an overnight stay.

   A cell phone call yesterday placed the families in the Warm Springs area. Calls to cell phones now are going to voicemail. Other attempts to locate their cell phones have not been successful. 

   The Search: Is difficult since there is no exact location known and the families could have gone in a number of directions. The search has been ongoing since this morning. Boise Police have asked deputies with Ada, Elmore and Boise Counties for help searching.

   Deputies in Owyhee County have searched the area around CJ Strike reservoir and so far, have found no sign of the families. 

  Vehicle: The families were driving a silver 2003 Ford Explorer with Utah license plates. 

   Seen the car or the families? Anyone who may have seen the families or their vehicle is urged to contact their local law enforcement. 

   At this time, there is no evidence of foul play.  Additional information will be released as the investigation allows.

Missing Composite

Ford Explorer 2003This photo shows a make, model and color similar to the vehicle driven by the missing families, a 2003 Ford Explorer with Utah license plates.

John JulianJohn Julian


Isaac JulianIsaac Julian

Samantha JulianSamantha Julian

William MurkleWilliam Murkle

Megun MurkleMegun Murkle