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Friday, February 28, 2014

Chief's Comments to the House; SB 1254

Testimony prepared by Chief Masterson reference SB1254.

Testimony before the House State Affairs Committee.


Good Morning Mr. Chairman and Members of the House State Affairs Committee,

My name is Mike Masterson. I’m Boise Police Chief, a position I’ve held since January 1, 2005.  The Boise Police Department also provides policing services to Boise State University campus.  I’m here today opposing SB1254.  You also have a letter from the Idaho Chiefs of Police opposing this bill as well.

My reasons for opposing this bill have been publically vetted, and have become well known over the last two weeks since it was first introduced in the Senate.  My reasons haven’t changed over time, in fact, have only grown stronger.

I would respectfully request you do not pass this legislation THIS SESSION with a commitment to bring it back next session, involving your law enforcement leaders, educational leaders, teachers, students, and yes, even the NRA. We are hearing the need to codify language, currently policy, into code.

With that, I defer to my colleagues who want to share other perspectives (both for and against) this important public safety issue.  Thank you.


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