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Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Years Eve Arson; Suspect found with stolen vehicle; BPD Daily Incident Report

Arrested: Nicholas B. Orr, 33, Boise

Charged: Arson 1st degree (F) ISC 18-802

Boise Police were called by a resident of the Columbia Village neighborhood in East Boise about a fire that appeared to be intentionally set at his home just after 11:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 31st. The fire was immediately put out by a neighbor but did cause minor damage to the corner of the victim's home. The victim was able to provide officers with information on a possible suspect seen leaving the area right after the fire started. Following up, investigating officers found evidence the suspect, identified as Orr had intentionally set the fire to the neighbor's house while the family was home. Officers also found evidence the suspect may have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. The suspect was arrested on the above charge yesterday afternoon and booked into the Ada County Jail. 

 18-802. Arson in first degree -- Burning of dwelling or other structures where persons are normally present -- Penalties.  Any person who willfully and unlawfully, by fire or explosion, damages: (1)Any dwelling, whether occupied or not; or (2)Any structure, whether occupied or not, in which persons are normally present, including without limitation: jails, prisons or detention centers; hospitals, nursing homes or other health care facilities; department stores, office buildings, business establishments, churches or educational institutions, or other similar structures; or (3)Any other structure which the actor has reasonable grounds to believe is occupied by a human being; or (4)Any real or personal property, whether the property of the actor or another, with the intent to deceive or harm any insurer or any person with a legal or financial interest in the property, or obtain any financial gain for the actor or another; is guilty of arson in the first degree, and upon conviction thereof shall be sentenced to the custody of the department of correction for not more than twenty-five (25) years or fined not more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) or both.


Arrested: Bobby W. Palmer, 42, Boise

Charged: Grand Theft (F),

Warrant: Fraudulent use of a financial transaction card (F), Grand Theft by possession of stolen property (F), Probation Violation (m) 

Boise Police were contacted Sunday, December 29th by an individual reporting their SUV had been stolen. According to the victim, keys had been left inside the car when it was parked on West Idaho Street over the previous week. On Tuesday night, December 31st, the vehicle was located parked in a garage on the 200 block of East Front Street. Officers arrived and released the vehicle back to a friend of the owner. After officers left and while waiting for a tow truck, the friend says he saw a suspicious man standing near the vehicle. He says he approached the man and he ran. The friend chased him briefly. When he caught up to the man, they struggled and the friend says he noticed the key to the SUV fall from the suspect's pocket. Officers responded back to the scene and placed the suspect under arrest for grand theft in connection with the stolen SUV. Officers found the suspect also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in connection to the fraudulent use of credit cards reported stolen by a Boise woman after she reported her wallet missing last August. The suspect was booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charges.


Arrested: Cesar G. Perez, 21, Nampa 

Charged: Controlled Substance Violation - Meth (F)

A Boise Police officer on patrol late Tuesday, December 31st, stopped a vehicle for expired registration near the intersection of West Franklin Road and South Phillippi Street. A BPD K9, Jardo alerted to the odor of drugs in the vehicle. In a search, the suspect was found in possession of a baggie containing a white crystal like substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine. Officers arrested the suspect on the above charge and booked him into the Ada County Jail.


Arrested: Brandon L. Lerback, 20, Meridian

Charged: Burglary (F)

Boise Police were called by employees of a retail store on the 8300 block of West Overland Road yesterday afternoon. Witnesses reported a man had left the store with several items without paying. When officers arrived, the suspect was being detained by store employees. Officers investigated and found the man had entered the store intending to steal items, including a television, without paying, making the charge felony burglary. Officers arrested the suspect on the above charge and booked him into the Ada County Jail.  


Arrested: Seanjay Wright, 36, Meridian

Charged: Sexual contact with an inmate (F) ISC 18-6110

The following was released by the Ada County Sheriff's Office in connection with this investigation:

A former jail deputy was arrested tonight on charges of sexual contact with an inmate.

Seanjay Wright, 36, of Meridian, was booked into the Ada County Jail on two counts of sexual contact with an inmate (a felony) at 7:20 p.m. Wednesday evening.

 Ada County Jail deputies learned this morning about possible sexual contact between Wright and a female inmate. Sheriff Raney asked Boise Police to investigate to avoid any conflict of interest.

 Based on evidence gathered during the investigation, Boise Police arrested Wright this evening for having sexual contact on two occasions with the inmate. Wright was working for the Ada County Sheriff's Office as a jail deputy at the time.

 Wright's employment was immediately terminated. He had been with the agency for two years.

 “Seanjay violated the trust of the community and let down the other 650 men and women working for the Sheriff’s Office who take great pride in their ethical conduct.  He will now face the consequences of his actions by being on the other side of the bars," said Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney. "We take this very seriously and are going to look closely at our jail operations to make sure it never happens again."