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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Incident downtown leads to Stalking, Arson charges; BPD Daily Incident Report

Arrested: Farhan Oudah Farhan, 45, Boise

Charged: Attempted Arson 2nd Degree (F), Stalking (m), Resisting and obstructing officers (m)

Boise Police were called by witnesses Thursday afternoon to a report of stalking with the suspect smelling of gasoline and holding a lighter. Officers arrived at the location on the 1300 block of West Grove Street and found the suspect in a minivan. The suspect told the first arriving officer he was going to light himself and his van on fire. Officers could smell a strong odor of gasoline. The suspect refused the officers commands to surrender. The patrol officer requested immediate assistance from officers with BPD's Crisis Negotiation Team who are specially trained to communicate with those in emotional crisis. Boise Firefighters and Ada County paramedics were also called to the scene. Throughout the negotiations, the suspect continued to threaten to light himself of fire and appeared as though he were going to ram the police and other emergency response vehicles blocking him in. After about an hour of sometimes tense negotiations, officers talked him into leaving his vehicle and surrendering. He was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation. After discussing the case with prosecutors, officers booked the suspect into the Ada County Jail on the above charges.

Officers also provided the victim with resources to help prevent domestic violence. Those experiencing domestic violence are urged to contact FACES, the Ada County Family Justice Center or the Boise Women's and Children's Alliance. 

Anyone in emotional crisis is urged to call Idaho's Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255. The hotline also provides services to those with loved ones in emotional crisis.

 18-803. Arson in the second degree -- Burning of a structure -- Penalties. Any person who willfully and unlawfully, by fire or explosion, damages any structure, whether the property of the actor or another, not included or described in the preceding section, is guilty of arson in the second degree, and upon conviction thereof shall be sentenced to the custody of the department of correction for not more than fifteen (15) years or fined not more than seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) or both.

 18-7906. Stalking in the second degree. (1) A person commits the crime of stalking in the second degree if the person knowingly and maliciously: (a)Engages in a course of conduct that seriously alarms, annoys or harasses the victim and is such as would cause a reasonable person substantial emotional distress; or (b)Engages in a course of conduct such as would cause a reasonable person to be in fear of death or physical injury, or in fear of the death or physical injury of a family or household member. (2)As used in this section: (a)"Course of conduct" means repeated acts of nonconsensual contact involving the victim or a family or household member of the victim, provided however, that constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of this definition. (b)"Family or household member" means: (i)A spouse or former spouse of the victim, a person who has a child in common with the victim regardless of whether they have been married, a person with whom the victim is cohabiting whether or not they have married or have held themselves out to be husband or wife, and persons related to the victim by blood, adoption or marriage; or (ii)A person with whom the victim is or has been in a dating relationship, as defined in section 39-6303, Idaho Code; or (iii)A person living in the same residence as the victim. (c)"Nonconsensual contact" means any contact with the victim that is initiated or continued without the victim's consent, that is beyond the scope of the consent provided by the victim, or that is in disregard of the victim's expressed desire that the contact be avoided or discontinued. "Nonconsensual contact" includes, but is not limited to: (i)Following the victim or maintaining surveillance, including by electronic means, on the victim; (ii)Contacting the victim in a public place or on private property; (iii)Appearing at the workplace or residence of the victim; (iv)Entering onto or remaining on property owned, leased or occupied by the victim; (v)Contacting the victim by telephone or causing the victim's telephone to ring repeatedly or continuously regardless of whether a conversation ensues; (vi)Sending mail or electronic communications to the victim; or (vii)Placing an object on, or delivering an object to, property owned, leased or occupied by the victim. (d)"Victim" means a person who is the target of a course of conduct. (3)Stalking in the second degree is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one (1) year or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both such fine and imprisonment. 


Arrested: Julie R. Wieland, 41, Boise 

Charged: Burglary (F)

Boise Police were called by employees of a retail store on the 8300 block of West Overland yesterday at 1:38 p.m. When officers arrived they found employees detaining a woman who witnesses said had left the store with several items including makeup, food and other household items without paying. Officers investigated and found evidence the suspect entered the store with the intention of committing the crime, making the charge felony burglary.