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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Some 100 people take advantage of free breath testing in an effort to Prevent Impaired Driving

Boise Police gave free breath tests to about 100 people downtown recently in an ongoing effort to prevent impaired driving. BrAC - 1

Officers found BrAC's from .00 to .212! Almost all those who took the tests told officers they were actually more impaired than they realized. All said they appreciated the opportunity to take the tests and talk about ways to get home safely, avoiding a DUI arrest - or worse. 40 percent of fatal crashes in Idaho are alcohol related.

All those who participated were offered a $5 coupon for a cab ride courtesy of Boise City Taxi Company. The effort was a partnership with the local chapter of MADD.

Officers want to thank those who participated for their time and interest in keeping themselves and others safe!

Boise Police join all law enforcement in offering the following advice to Prevent and Protect Yourself Against Impaired Driving: 

  • PLAN not drink and drive before you start drinking. Alcohol impairs a person's ability to determine if they should drive. You can't count on making the right decision after you've consumed alcohol.
  • Designate a sober driver and give that person your keys.
  • Plan to call a taxi, a sober friend or family member to get you home safely.
  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages when entertaining.
  • Promptly report drunk drivers to 9-1-1 on your mobile phone.
  • Wear your seat belt. This is the best defense against an impaired driver.
  • Friends don't let friends drive drunk or impaired. If you know someone who is about to drive while impaired, take their car keys and make other safe travel arrangements to get them home, or offer a spare bedroom or sofa to "sleep it off". 
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