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Monday, December 23, 2013

3 Felony DUI Arrests; Possession of Ecstasy aka "Molly"; Traveling Retail Theft ring busted; BPD Weekend Incident Report

Arrested: Charles T. Decorte, 31, Kuna

Charged: DUI (F)

A Boise Police officer on patrol late Sunday afternoon, December 22nd on West Overland Road near South Newport Street observed the driver of a pick-up fail to stop at the red light and instead proceed though the intersection. The officer stopped the vehicle and could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. His speech was also slurred and his eyes glassy and bloodshot. The driver, identified as Decorte was arrested on charges of driving under the influence. At the jail, a blood draw was done for evidence testing. A check of the suspect's criminal record found a previous felony DUI conviction within 15 years, making this arrest also a felony. 

DUI Enforcement is a priority for Boise Police. The department is currently involved in a statewide campaign to increase patrol for the holidays. Click here for more on DUI enforcement, prevention strategies and penalties. 


 Arrested: Donald R. Knapp, 59, Boise 

 Charged: DUI (F) 

 A citizen called 911 police dispatch at 1: 39 Friday afternoon, December 20th reporting the driver of a small pick-up truck was driver erratically and sometimes into oncoming traffic on South Vista Avenue near Airport Way. The witness was following the suspect vehicle. Because of the dangerous driving pattern reported, officers responded Code 3 with emergency lights and sirens. Officers quickly located the vehicle and made a traffic stop. Officers noticed the driver's eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The driver, Knapp, failed field sobriety tests. A breath alcohol sample returned a .200/.196 result. A check of the driver's criminal record found this is his third DUI offense in the last five years making this arrest a felony. The suspect was booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charge. 


Arrested: Derrick T. Ray, 38, Meridian

Charged: DUI (F)

 A citizen called police dispatch shortly after 3:00 this morning reporting the driver of a white sedan traveling west on Fairview Avenue was swerving into other lanes of traffic. The caller provided dispatchers with the license plate of the suspect vehicle. Officers located the vehicle and also witnessed it swerve out of it's lane of traffic multiple times. The officer stopped the driver, identified as Ray. Speaking with the driver the officer could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and noticed his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and his movements slow and lethargic. The suspect failed field sobriety tests and a breath alcohol sample returned two results in excess of the .08 legal limit. The suspect has a previous felony DUI conviction from July, 2009 making this arrest a felony DUI as well. He was booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charge.


Arrested: David W. Gloria, 30, Boise

Charged: Possession of Methamphetamine (F), Driving without privileges 3rd Offense (m), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m), Prescription in other than original container (m)

While on patrol Saturday night, December 21st, a Boise Police patrol officer saw a pick-up truck traveling westbound on West State Street just past North Street. The truck was traveling with no rear license plate. The officer stopped the truck and found the driver, identified as Gloria had a suspended driver's license with a history of DWP arrests. The officer arrested the suspect for driving without privileges. In a search subsequent to arrest, officers found the suspect in possession of numerous prescription medication pills not in the original container as required by Idaho law, and several baggies each containing white crystal-like substance. The substance field tested positive for one gram total package weight of methamphetamine. A Boise Police drug detection dog alerted on the suspect's vehicle. Continuing the search officers found a glass pipe with white residue inside the suspect's vehicle. Officers booked the suspect into the Ada County Jail on the above charges.


Arrested: Keara J. Grimes, 23, Oakland, CA

Charged: Grand Theft 2 counts (F)

Arrested: Lareesia K. Lindsay, 24, Oakland, CA

Charged: Grand Theft (F)

Members of the Boise Police Property Crime Unit and the Organized Retail Crime Unit received information from employees of a local retailer that two women were purchasing multiple gift cards using credit cards that appeared fraudulent. Information given to officers was the crimes had occurred both Thursday and Friday, December 19th and 20th. Officers were quickly able to confirm the credit card numbers were in fact stolen and the cards were counterfeit. The two suspects were already in the custody of Meridian Police in an unrelated investigation. Officers found evidence the suspects traveled to Idaho with the intention of committing retail theft. In all, officers recovered 150 gifts cards purchased with 50 counterfeir credit cards. Officers arrested the suspects on the above charges 

The Boise Police Department’s Organized Retail Crime Unit has developed a cooperative relationship with loss prevention agents from a large number of local retail stores that allows for sharing of critical information with law enforcement and other retailers. These relationships have resulted in a number of arrests for a variety of fraud, theft, even violent crimes. The goal of the ORC Unit is to work with retailers and the Boise business community to reduce retail theft and fraud, crimes that have significant impacts on consumer prices, and to reduce other crimes associated with retail theft.

Identity Theft Prevention: Using stolen credit card numbers is a common form of identity theft. Boise Police urge users of credit and debit cards to regularly review their statements to see if they have unknowingly become a victim. Click here for more on ways to prevent identity theft.


Arrested: Logan M. Mallard, 22, Boise

Charged: Delivery of a Controlled Substance - Ecstasy/MDMA (F) ISC 37-2732 

Boise Police officers working foot patrol on the 100 block of South 6th Street just after midnight Sunday were approached by a bouncer from a nearby nightclub. The bouncer gave one of the officers a vial of an unknown liquid and told the officer a male who had been inside the bar was seen trying to put some of the substance into the drink of a female patron. The witness pointed out the suspect as being in possession of the substance. Officers contacted the suspect, identified as Mallard. During a consent search, officers found the suspect to be in possession of another similar vial and 3 plastic baggies with approximately 40 pills and capsules that field tested positive for Ecstasy/MDNA. Officers arrested the suspect on the above charge and booked him into the Ada County Jail.

To learn more about Ecstasy/MDMA, commonly known as "Molly", click here for the Drug Identification page on the Boise Police web site.


Arrested: Gregory A. Nichols, 25, Boise 

Charged: Issuing Checks Without Funds - Warrant ISC 18-3106 (F)

Boise Police were notified February 25, 2013 by a representative from a local retail chain that numerous checks had been written to the retailer from a closed account. The checks had been written over the past several months for a total of more than $2,900. Investigating officers found evidence the suspect, Nichols had written the checks. The officers report was sent to Ada County Prosecutors and a warrant was issued for the suspect's arrest on the above charge. On Friday, December 20th, officers received information the suspect was at a residence on the 1900 bock of South Columbus Street. Officers located the suspect at that location. He was taken into custody without incident.