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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

UPDATE #DorianIncident: Bomb techs are back out removing more explosive material found at a Dorian Street home late last night.

UPDATE: Nov. 7, 2:30 p.m. - Boise Police bomb technicians and Boise Fire Hazardous Materials experts are back on scene at a home on the 2200 block of West Dorian Street. Additional explosive materials were found at the home late last night, too late for safe removal. The materials are being removed this afternoon.

Because moving the materials makes them dangerous, officers are asking anyone who may be home in a handful of houses immediately surrounding the suspect residence to voluntarily evacuate for the next couple hours. Officers expect to be finished by about 4:00 p.m.

Six to eight homes are affected by this afternoon's voluntary evacuation. It is a safety precaution explosives experts believe is prudent considering the type, the amount and the volatility of the materials being handled.

The patience and cooperation of the residents of this neighborhood is greatly appreciated once again.



Investigators confirm bomb making materials found inside home.

Update: Investigators confirm finding chemicals and substances capable of producing explosive devices inside the crawl space of a home on the 2200 block of West Dorian Street. 

Boise Police bomb technicians working alongside Boise Fire Haz Mat experts found more than 100 pounds of product inside the home in various stages of what appears to be bomb making. 

"The amount of the substances and chemicals found did indeed pose a potential safety threat to the neighborhood. As we wrap up the in estigation here at the house, we're very appreciative of residents patience and cooperation. Their safety was at the center of all decisions made tonight," said Boise Police Captain Eugene Smith.

Details of the evidence found is being shared by Boise Police, Ada County and federal prosecutors for review of additional criminal charges against the suspect Joshua Finch. Those details will be available at a later date in a criminal complaint.

Evacuation Update: If the investigation continues as expected, those residents evacuated this afternoon will be allowed to return to their homes between 11:00 p.m. and midnight.

Residents can come to the corner of Nez Perce Jessie Streets, check in with an officer and be allowed back home. At least two families, six people total have taken advantage of overnight accomodations offered through the Red Cross.

Boise Police and Boise Fire would like to thank members of the Whitney Baptist Church for the use of their parking lots and facilities. Church members opened their meeting and rest rooms to the emergencybresponders on scene. Thanks also go to  the ATF, Ada County EMS, Garden City Police, ACHD and the Red Cross. Also to Boise Schools and Hawthorne Elementary who opened their school as a reception location fornthose evacuated.



Kidnapping suspectbis in jail; home being searched for potentially explosive materials

Update; 4:46 pm- The suspect in the kidnapping has been booked into the Ada County Jail.

Arrested: Joshua J. Finch, 32, Boise

Charged: Kidnapping (F), Agents warrant


Dorian Incident now involves Voluntary Evacuation

Update: 4:00 p.m. - Boise Police are beginning the process of a voluntary evacuation of residents in home potentiallybat risk following the discovery of possibly explosive material inside the crawlmspace of a home on the 2200 block of West Dorian Street.  

"We have identified a potentially explosive substance in a large enough amount that, if the substance is what we suspect it to be, people in those homes would be in danger ." said Boise Police Capt. Eugene Smith.

Area of Evacuation: The block between Nez Perce and Dorian Streets to the north and south and Jessie and Columbus Streets to the east and west  Three homes on the east side of Columbus south of Dorian are also affected  

The evacuation is voluntary. Officers are going door to door asking residents if they have riends or family in the area to please voluntaryily evacuate. 

" We very much appreciate residents cooperation. We know its an inconvenience, but at this point in the investigation, as materials are about to be moved and disturbed, we have to take the safety is this neighborhood very seriously," said Capt. Smith.

At this time, its unknown when residents will be able to return. officers are hopeful it will be sometime later this evening. 

Members of the Boise area Red Cross are assisting officers and residents who may need assistance evacuating.

Whats Happening Now: After the voluntary evacuation, bomb and haz mat techs willtake further steps to identify just what the suspicious substance is. By itself, a substance is not volatile. However, is officers and fire techs find any chemicals or mixture has occurred, the substances may be explosive. 

Boise Police are also being assisted by members of the ATF.



Kidnapping Arrest leads officers to find what appears to be Explosive Material

Boise, Nov. 6, 2013, 1:35pm - Boise Police are searching a home in the neighborhood southeast of W. Overland Road and South Vista Avenue after officers on an unrelated investigation found what may be a supply of highly explosive material that appears to have been hidden in the home's crawl space.

One Man in CustodyOfficers have one man in custody on two counts of felony kidnapping. The charge relates to a family dispute that reportedly occurred Monday, Nov. 4th. The suspect was taken into custody on a warrant for the kidnapping charge this morning.

Explosive Materials Found: During the kidnapping investigation, officers found evidence the suspect may be in possession of explosive materials. The Boise Police Bomb Squad and the Boise Fire Hazardous Material team has been called to the residence. During a search, BPD bomb technicians found what they believe may be highly explosive materials. 

At this time, Boise Police are working with Haz Mat experts from Boise Fire to determine the safety of entering the crawl space.

The suspect home is on the 2200 block of West Dorian Street, between South Columbus and South Jessie Streets.  

Roads Blocked: At this time, Dorian between Jessie and Columbus and Jessie Street between Nez Perce and Dorian are blocked to allow for emergency operations. 

Its unknown how long it will take officers to secure the home and make the area safe. 

Additional information will be released as the investigation allows.