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Friday, November 08, 2013

TV Show "The Doctors" come to Boise PD to learn more about a dangerous new drug

Boise, Nov. 8, 2013 - Boise Police were contacted by the TV show "The Doctors" this week to share information and help educate their viewers on the dangers of a new man-made drug known as 2C. The drug also goes by 25C, 25i or N-BOME because of it's chemical makeup.The Doctors - 1

Sgt. Mike Harrington of the Boise Police Narcotics Unit did the interview this morning. No crew, no big cameras, just a lap top and web cam and Sgt. Harrington was able to do the interview "live" during a taping of the show from an office here at BPD admin

Sgt. Harrington's message to Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Ian Smith and The Doctors international audience was first, on the number of overdoses that have hit the Boise area connected to 2C and related drugs, then to encourage education and communication between parents and other adults and teens. 

"Informed communication can go a long way toward empowering young people to stay safe and sober." said Sgt. Harrington.

The show taped today in Los Angeles will air in early December on KTVB Ch 7 in Boise. We appreciate The Doctors for sharing this important public safety information.

For more information on these drugs go to: 

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Boise Police Warn of a Dangerous New Synthetic Drug - 25i, believed responsible for at least four local overdoses.



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