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Friday, November 08, 2013

Felony Charges filed in Connection with 25C Overdoses

Boise, Nov. 8, 2013 - Boise Police, working with Ada County Prosecutors, have filed felony charges against a Boise man in connection with two drug overdoses, one nearly fatal, believed to be caused by a drug known as 25i, 25C or 2C.

Arrested: Abraham Osuna, 20, Boise

Charged: Felony Injury to a Child - 2 counts

Osuna is accused of supplying the drug to two teenage boys Saturday, October 26th, which led to both teens being hospitalized. One boy nearly died from the overdose.

"This drug has come on the scene in Boise with devastating effects," said Sgt. Mike Harrington of the Boise Police Narcotics Unit. "We're hoping education will prevent people from being injured by this drug, but when it doesn't, we will do all we can to hold those believed to be selling the drug responsible."

Osuna has been indicted on the above charges and will be arraigned on November 18th. Osuna is currently in the Ada County Jail, following his arrest on marijuana delivery charges October 30th.  The marijuana charges are the result of a search warrant served on Osuna's home October 28th in connection with officers investigation of the 25C overdoses. 

What is 25i, 25C or 2C?25i, 25C, and 2C are synthetic drugs and all closely related. The drug is also called N-BOME in reference to the chemical compounds that make up the substance. The drug is often sold as "like LSD". Users typically ingest the drug using blotter stamps, again like LSD. 

Boise Police are aware of at least six overdoses believed to be connected to the drug in the city over the past three months. Several other cases involving individuals with bizarre, erratic behavior are also believed to be connected to 25i, 25C or 2C. Nationwide, several deaths, sadly most involving young people have been connected to the substance.

Extensive Education and Outreach: Since becoming aware of the dangerous substance and its presence in Boise, Boise Police have done extensive community outreach hoping awareness and education of the drug and it's affects will prevent additional injuries. 

Dangerous New Synthetic Drug Believed Responsible for Two Additional Overdoses

Boise Police Warn of a Dangerous New Synthetic Drug - 25i, believed responsible for at least four local overdoses.

Ongoing Investigations: Boise Police have additional cases ongoing connected to the sale of the drugs known as 25i, 25C, 2C and N-BOME.