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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Boise Police Honored with Two National Awards for Community Policing

Honors Shared with our Retail Business Partners

The Boise Police Department was recently awarded the IACP Cisco Community Policing Award and the Law Enforcement Partner of the Year from Sears and K-Mart. Cisco Award 5

The awards recognize the efforts of the Boise Police Department’s Organized Retail Crime Interdiction Team and it's unique, innovative and proactive approach to a community policing partnership between law enforcement and retail businesses. 

"We provide the stucture and the enforcement, but it's our retail partners who make this work," said Chief Masterson. 

"They have broken down any competitive barriers and come together to share information that makes not only their businesses but our entire community a safer place to live. We are very appreciative of their continuing efforts. These folks are unsung heroes in the business community," said the Chief. 

About the Boise Police Department’s Organized Retail Crime Interdiction Team: 

Observing a shift in crime from neighborhood to business targets, Boise Police strategically began to identify and address an increasing problem with organized retail crimes.

Leveraging existing police resources with a network of community partners and retail loss prevention intelligence, the Organized Retail Crime Interdiction Team began taking proactive, co-active, and reactive steps to solve this problem, including:

  1. Educating all stakeholders on emerging trends in organized retail crimes;
  2. Expediting the flow of actionable intelligence information on known retail theft suspects between retailers and law enforcement;
  3. Providing retail partners with a direct point of contact to provide for timely response to in-progress suspicious or criminal retail activity;
  4. Strengthening penalties for retail fraud and theft crimes.

This community policing solution has resulted in an increase in public safety, a reduction in financial losses to retail businesses, and an improved partnership between the Boise Police Department and the local business community.

Since this team was piloted in 2005, retailers have experienced a 41% reduction in loss to fraud and theft in Boise vs. national rates.

The Department has been able to apprehend and aid in the conviction of hundreds of major retail theft suspects every year. Intelligence gathered in the investigation of retail crimes has additionally enabled the Department to convict suspects in a variety of other felony crimes.

Awards and success shared with our Retail Partners: 

At a recent training meeting of local loss prevention specialists, Chief Masterson and members of the Boise Police Retail Crime Interdiction Unit shared news of the awards with the dedicated employees who act as law enforcement's eyes and ears in the retail community. 

Thanks to their efforts, the BPD Organized Retail Crime Interdiction Team has become a model nationwide for success in combating retail theft and fraud.

Cisco Award 4

Cisco Award 1

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