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Friday, November 01, 2013

Boise PD Joins Global Police Tweet Along!

Boise, Nov. 1, 2013 - What the heck is a tweet along? 

Good question! Despite the funny name, it should be interesting and maybe even a little educational and fun.

Boise Police will join what's being touted as a global police tweet along today, November 1st. Police agencies all over the world are using their twitter accounts to take followers on a virtual ride-along with an officer.

For Boise PD, the tweet along has two major goals; to make more people aware of the departments social media outreach which often shares important crime and public safety information and critical information in an emergency; and to share in a creative way a day in the life of a police officer.

"We don't know what the ride along has in store, but often, good crime prevention or personal safety reminders come from calls for police service, so we're going to share those with anyone who wants to follow along," said Lynn Hightower, Communications Director for the Boise Police Department.

"We'll also share insights into how officers do their job which is actually very interesting and people might enjoy learning more," said Hightower.

The tweet along will begin just like a patrol officers day, in briefing, and follow a patrol officer's throughtout most of the "swing" shift. The event will last until at least 10:30 p.m. but may go longer depending on events. 

If you're a Twitter user, follow along at @BoisePD. The global tweet along hashtag is #poltwt.