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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Arresting Explosives Suspect was Boise's first use of the MRAP

UPDATE: Nov. 7 - While making the arrest of a kidnap suspect yesterday, Boise Police had evidence the suspect may be heavily armed and in possession of a large amount of explosive materials. Because of the potential danger to officers and the neighborhood, the warrant service became the first deployment of the departments MRAP. 110613 MRAP 1

"This vehicle is designed to protect people from high caliber bullets and explosives and we knew that's what we were likely facing," said Boise Police Captain Scott Mulcahy. "We had evidence this suspect's behavior was erratic and that he was potentially armed with firearms and explosives. That's when we need to take every precaution in protecting our people and the neighborhood."

In addition to the Boise Police MRAP, the MRAP belonging to Nampa Police was also called in to assist. The vehicles were strategically placed to provide a protective barricade for officers while confronting the suspect, and to protect the closest neighbors should a blast occur.

Members of the Boise Police SWAT team were called to serve the arrest warrant yesterday also because of the potential danger officers felt the suspect posed. The Boise Police Special Operations Group, which includes the SWAT team, has been assigned the vehicle.

The MRAP, or mine resistant ambush protection vehicle was acquired through a United States military surplus program and just received by the Boise PD one month ago. At the time, the department informed citizens about the vehicle, saying it would be an important new tool for officers to protect citizens as well as themselves in high risk operations. 

"We apprecaite having a vehicle with these extraordinary capabilities. It's already made a difference in officer and public safety," said Capt. Mulcahy.

110613 MRAP 3110613 MRAP 2