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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

MRAP to be used for High Risk Response & Rescues

Boise Police join several other Idaho police agencies in adding an important new tool for officers to protect citizens as well as themselves in high risk operations.

The department just took possession of an MRAP (mine-resistant, ambush protection) vehicle. The vehicle is being provided to Boise Police for use by the Department of Defense through a program to reutilize surplus military vehicles.

"This vehicle will be strategic and potentially life-saving for officer response to any incident involving a possibleMRAP 100213 - 3 weapon of mass destruction, explosive device, heavily armed subject, even a hazardous material situation," said Deputy Chief William Bones. 

"Potentially there are a lot of uses for this vehicle from deflecting an explosive device to containing or approaching an armed subject without use of greater force. We're working with Boise Fire and other emergency response agencies throughout the Boise area to see what value this vehicle can bring to public safety. We very much appreciate the federal government for providing this vehicle to our city."

The MRAP is equipped with life support and weapons of mass destruction detection systems. Boise Police will also place rescue equipment inside the vehicle.

The Boise Police Special Operations Group has been assigned the vehicle. In the coming weeks, the vehicle will be painted and marked to reflect its uses for Boise City. Officers will also begin training with the vehicle, particularly for WMD, EOD and high risk rescue operations.

"This vehicle will respond to very specific high risk situations and be used for training, but this will not be a vehicle citizens see very often." said Deputy Chief Bones. 

Cost: The vehicle was provided to the City of Boise Police Department at no cost. The city did pay to have it delivered, will equip the vehicle with necessary response and rescue equipment and have it painted. Overall, the department expects costs to equip and operate the vehicle at less than $10,000.

The Nampa Police Department has also acquired an MRAP for public safety purposes in Canyon County. For more on Nampa's vehicle, go to:


MRAP 100213 - 2

MRAP 100213