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Chief of Police

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Officers Arrest Two Teens Charged with Burglarizing Several Homes

Boise Police arrested two teens late yesterday in connection with a series of recent home burglaries. A neighbor who was able to provide detectives with a description of a suspicious vehicle seen parked near one of the burglaries helped provide detectives a break in the case.

Officers arrested the pair after they left a pawn shop attempting to sell items reported as stolen.

Arrested: Canyon S. Lund, 19, Boise

Charged: Burglary (F) 5 counts, Grand Theft (F) 5 counts

Arrested: Brandyn L. Thompson, 19

Charged: Burglary (F) 6 counts

What Happened: Boise Police received a report of a burglary at a Northwest Boise home on August 21, 2013. That would be the first of six similar reports, with the most recent being the burglary of a home Monday, September 16th. Five of the burglaries occurred in Northwest Boise, one was on the bench near West Overland and South Maple Grove Roads. All occurred during the daytime when the homes were unoccupied. The thieves entered the homes either through forced entry of a rear door or window, a doggy door, or a door left open. In each case, the suspects stole large amounts of jewelry, cash and small electronics. 

Crime Prevention: Boise Police encourage neighbors to communicate and watch out for each other. Neighborhood Watch is a great way to start that communication, learn what's potentially suspicious and keep communication open between neighbors and the police department. To learn more or to start a Neighborhood Watch, contact Carrie Demirelli with the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit:

Previous Alert: Boise Police alerted neighbors to the series of ongoing burglaries September 12th. At that time, officers were investigating a possible connection between unlicensed door to door solicitations. Although the description of the two persons of interest in that alert did not turn out to match the above suspects, officers want to strongly encourage residents to be aware of Boise City rules regulating legitimate door to door sales and to alert police and other neighbors when unlicensed door to door solicitors are in the neighborhood.