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Thursday, August 01, 2013

BPD Internal Investigation Continues After Officer Cited

Boise, August 1, 2013 - Garden City Police have issued a traffic citation to a Boise Police officer for his role in a crash that occurred July 9, 2013 while the officer was responding to an emergency call.

"We conflict these cases out to other law enforcement agencies for an objective and unbiased review and we appreciate the work of the Garden City Police Department in this investigation." said Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson.

"Our officers are trained and expected to keep public safety first, even in emergency responses. Even when mistakes aren't intentional, we are all held accountable." said the Chief. 

The patrol officer, who has been with Boise Police for four years, was cited for violation of Idaho Code 49-614 Failing to stop when traffic is obstructed. The violation carries a $90 fine.

Now that the criminal investigation is complete, the Boise Police Department Office of Internal Affairs will take that information and continue the internal investigation to determine if policies, training and procedure were followed by the involved officer. When violations of policy are found, officers are subject to disciplinary action by the department.


Previous Release:

Boise, July 9, 2013 - A Boise Police officer driving a marked patrol car was in a collision this morning involving another vehicle at the intersection of N. 13th Street and W. Idaho Street. Two people were in an SUV traveling westbound on Idaho St. The officer was traveling south on 13th when his vehicle collided with the SUV. All three were transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation for what appears to be non life-threatening injuries. All have been treated and released,

"The officer was traveling south on a north-bound one-way street, which is something normally reserved for emergency responses. Investigators do believe the officer was responding with his lights and siren to an urgent call for help from another officer. However, the officer's response and all the circumstances surrounding this crash will be part of the investigation being led by Garden City. Our first focus is for the safety of our community and officers." said Boise Deputy Chief William Bones.

What Happened: At 9:21 a.m. an officer at 13th & Myrtle radioed he needed urgent help from other officers. That officer reported he was alone and involved in an altercation with other individuals and was in need of officer assistance. A call from an officer for urgent help usually is "Code 3" response, meaning officer's respond with lights and sirens in an emergency fashion.

At 9:24 a.m., the officer involved in the crash radioed dispatch the collision had just occurred. The officer advised dispatch the crash involved injuries. Boise Fire and EMS were immediately dispatched. Several witnesses to the crash at 13th & Idaho also called 911.

At this time, there is evidence the officer involved in the collision at 13th & Idaho was responding to the officers call for help at 13th & Myrtle.

Ongoing Investigations: Garden City Police are leading the investigation into the crash itself. The GCPD investigation will recommend if any charges should be filed in the case. Boise Police crash reconstruction experts are also conducting a parallel investigation.

The Boise Police Department Office of Internal Affairs is also investigating to determine if policies, training and procedure were followed by the involved officer.\

Per Garden City Police - Their investigation will be released publically upon completion and following review by prosecutor.