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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

UPDATE: Officers Arrest Wife and Brother of Suspect in mid-May Parking Lot Attacks

Boise, July 3, 2013, 9:45 p.m. - Boise Police have arrested two people and charged them with helping a suspect avoid arrest after an attack on two women in a retail center parking lot in mid-May.

Arrested: Jessica B. Macho, 28, Boise

Arrested: Richard S. Macho, 29, Boise

Both Charged: Aiding & Abetting a Felony (F) ISC 18-1601, Destruction of Evidence (F) 18-2603

Jessica Macho is the wife of suspect Gregory L. Macho, 31 of Boise, who was arrested June 5th and charged with Aggravated Battery after the attack on two women in a parking lot May 14th. Officers believe the motive for the first attack was sexual assault, officers say the second woman was hit  by the suspect's truck after she attempted to intervene and stop the crime.

Richard Macho is Gregory's brother. 

Boise Police arrested both Richard and Jessica late this afternoon at their Boise homes. Each is accused of having knowledge that the crime occurred and helping the suspect avoid detection and arrest. They are also accused of helping alter the appearance of the suspect's vehicle, which is evidence in the case against Gregory Macho.

Evidence of these crimes was discovered during the ongoing Boise Police investigation into the mid-May attacks. The officer's reports were submitted to the Ada County Prosecutor's office. Prosecutors reviewed the officer's investigation and issued the warrants for Jessica and Richard earlier today.

Please check with Ada County Courts for the suspect's scheduled appearances.



Previous Release:

UPDATE: Arrest in Parking Lot Attack. Officers have Suspect and Suspect Vehicle in Custody.

Boise, June 5, 2013 - Boise Police arrested a man early this morning in connection with a brutal attack on two women last month in the parking lot of a major retail center. The man is currently charged with aggravated battery. Other charges are possible.

"It was a community effort to solve this crime. Boise Police are extremely grateful to the citizens who called in tips hoping to help us solve this crime. The officers who worked this case have contacted literally hundreds of people, followed dozens of leads and put in many long hours developing the evidence that led to this morning's arrest," said Deputy Chief of Police William Bones.

"This case has been a high priority for this department because we knew it was a priority for the citizens we serve. Brutal, unprovoked attacks like this involving suspects who are strangers to their victims are quite uncommon. What is common, however is citizens who care, pay attention and actually help us solve crimes. That's what happened again in this case. We're now prepared to work closely with prosecutors to make sure the victims and this community get the justice we believe they deserve."

Arrested: Gregory L. Macho, 31, Boise060413 Suspect Macho

Charged: Aggravated Battery (F), Battery (m)

Other charges are possible as detectives and prosecutors review evidence and continue to develop the case.

Booking photo courtesy of the Ada County Sheriff's Office.

Investigative Leads, Tips: Since the crime occurred the evening of May 14th, officers began developed leads toward identifying the suspect. When images of the suspect vehicle were broadcast May 15th, citizens called in dozens of additional tips. More evidence was uncovered when a sketch of the suspect was released May 31st, leading to the arrest of the suspect this morning.

In Custody: The suspect was taken into custody at his home last night. He was questioned and arrested by Boise Police at approximately 1:30 this morning. The suspect is a Boise resident and lives within a mile of where the crime occurred.

Suspect Vehicle: Officers have taken custody of the suspect's pick up truck as evidence in the crime. There is evidence the suspect took several steps to alter the appearance of the truck after the crime occurred.

What's Next: Please check with Ada County Courts for the suspect's scheduled appearances.


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