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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Agencies work together on Weekend Underage Drinking Patrol

    On Saturday night, July 20th, officers from multiple agencies collaborated as part of an underage drinking and youth impaired driving emphasis patrol. 

     Participating officers from the Ada County Juvenile Enforcement Team along with Boise Police Department Alcohol Enforcement Team, Bureau of Land Management Rangers, Ada County Juvenile Probation, and Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control Officers focused on areas throughout Boise city and Ada County.  Part of this event was funded by a grant from the National Center of Alcohol Policy and Drug Free Idaho.

   During the evening, Law Enforcement Officers witnessed numerous cars occupied by young drivers and multiple minors in the area of Swan Falls and Initial Point south of the City of Kuna. Law Enforcement Officers later observed open containers of alcohol and a bonfire, along with multiple vehicles still arriving at the location. Law Enforcement made contact with approximately sixty males and females. A large majority of the attendees were under 18 years of age and the youngest was 15 years old.  During the investigation, 19 minor consumption citations were issued and multiple parents were contacted to retrieve their kids. 

   Officers observed a large number of vehicles that were still arriving and turned around when they saw law enforcement on scene. Officers believed this party would have included well over 100 minors. Officers on this emphasis patrol also located 2 DUI’s, 3 open container violations, 2 infraction citations and 5 more underage drinking violations.

Totals for the Joint Operation:

24 Minor Consumption Citations Throughout Ada County

3 Open Containers

2 Driving Under the Influence (1 in Boise & 1 in Kuna)

   All of the agencies involved recognize that Juvenile drinking is a concern for Law Enforcement Agencies in the valley. Officers would like to help eliminate alcohol related injuries and prevent the death of citizens. Officers on this special patrol are focusing on our communities' young people in an effort to make a difference.