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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Monday, June 03, 2013

Citizen report of suspicious activity leads to arrest; BPD Weekend Incident Report

Arrested: Joshua A. Smith, 20, Meridian

Charged: Trespass (m), Resisting and Obstructing officers (m), Agents Warrant - Felony Probation Violation

Boise Police were called by a citizen Friday night, May 31st just before midnight reporting what the citizen felt was suspicious activity. The citizen reported seeing a man on the roof of a retail store on the 1300 block of N. Milwaukee Street. The man was reportedly smoking a cigarette, carrying a backpack and appeared to the citizen to be messing around with duct work on the roof. Officers arrived and set up a perimeter around the building to prevent the man from jumping off. Officers were able to see the man who appeared to be trying to hide. Officers repeatedly called out to him identifying themselves as Boise Police and ordering him to surrender, which he did not. A ladder truck from the Boise Fire Department was called which allowed the officers to get onto the roof. The suspect was immediately located and taken into custody. The building occupant signed a citation for trespass. The suspect's parole agent also requested officers charge him with a parole violation as he was on felony probation for a previous property crime. 


Arrested: Anthony A Naclerio, 54, Boise

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance- Meth (F), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m)

Boise Police officers were dispatched to a home on the 6100 block of N. Pierce Park early this morning reference a 911 hang up call. Dispatchers reported to officers they thought they heard someone on the phone asking for help before hanging up. The call was traced to the Pierce Park address. When officers arrived they made contact with the resident, Naclerio. In plain view on a table, officers could see a large glass pipe commonly used for smoking meth and several baggies containing a substance officers recognized as methamphetamine. Officers continued to investigate. The substance tested positive for methamphatamine. The suspect was arrested on the above charge. In a thorough  search of the home, officers did not find evidence of anyone else inside the home.


Arrested: Amanda A. Todd, 20, Boise

Charged: Burglary (F)

Boise Police were called by an employee of a retail store on the 3200 block of N. Cole Road Friday afternoon, May 31st. When officers arrived, they found the suspect in possession of open beer reportedly stolen from the store. After investigating and interviewing witnesses, officers found the suspect entered the store with the intention of committing the crime, making it a felony. Officers arrested the suspect on the above charge. She was booked into the Ada County Jail. 


Arrested: Desmond M. Slowe, 39, Boise

Charged: Burglary (F)

Boise Police were called by employees of a retail store on the 2000 block of S. Cole Rd. Saturday morning, June 1st. Officers responded and found witnesses who reported seeing the suspect select items from the store's electronics area, cut open the packaging, conceal the items then leave the store without paying. Investigating officers found evidence the suspect had entered the store with the intention of committing the crime, making it a felony. The suspect was arrested on the above charge and booked into the Ada County Jail.