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Sunday, June 30, 2013

BPD Officers now wearing historic "new" badge to honor Boise's 150th Birthday!

    Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson revealed a new (or rather new replica of an old) Boise Police badge at a special presentation recently. The historic badge replicas will be worn by Boise Police officers beginning Monday, July 1st to commemorate the City's 150th anniversary. 

  "A police badge represents the people we protect and serve. The badge represents our city and ultimately every officer who has ever worn the badge," said Boise Police Deputy Chief William Bones. "This historic badge reminds all of us that the city was forged and protected by a long line of officers, officers like Mark Stall, who helped shape the department into what it is today."

   Badge Presentation: Chief Masterson and Deputy Chief Bones presented to first of these historic Boise Police badges to Cheryl Stall-Chamberlain and her family at the special presentation at City Hall West this week. Cheryl was married to Boise Police Officer Mark Stall when he was killed in the line of duty September 20th 1997. The historic badges were also presented to Mark's daughters and to Mark's parents visiting from California.

   Badge History:  The commemorative Boise Police badges are replicas of the badge seen in historic photos taken of members of the department in the early 1900's. Prior to 1903, officers would have a local jeweler make a badge for them, typically a five or six-sided star often called a "Marshal's" badge. Officer's badges within a law enforcement agency would typically be similar but not uniform.

   The Boise Police Department was officially organized in 1903. Sometime between 1903 and 1906, the department commissioned a Colorado company to manufacture a badge. That would become the first standard issue for members of the Boise Police Department. The historic badge officers will wear during the month of July is a recreation of that first standard issue badge.

  At the end of July, officers will be given the opportunity to purchase the badge from the department. 


Historic Badge Replicas


Photo of Boise Police officers wearing the first standard issue badge in 1907.


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