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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Connector Speed Limit Increases from 55 to 60 mph

The following was released by the Idaho Department of Transportation concerning the I-184 Connector that lies within the City of Boise:

Speed limit on Connector to increase to 60 mph on Tuesday, Oct 30

BOISE - To improve safety and traffic flow, the speed limit on four miles of the Connector (I-184) will be raised from 55 mph to 60 mph as the recent resurfacing project in that area has concluded, the Idaho Transportation Department announced. The new speed limit will take affect with the changing of the signs, weather permitting, on Tuesday (Oct. 30).

Idaho State Police, local law enforcement agencies and area city leaders met with the transportation department in early June to discuss the change.

The section in question is the segment of the Connector from the Flying Wye to River Street.

The Connector averages about 57,000 vehicles per day.

ITD traffic engineers set the limit at the speed at which 85 percent of the traffic is driving to determine a safe and reasonable speed for a given road section, in accordance with federal safety guidelines. According to research, setting a speed limit according to that 85th percentile produces the fewest crashes.

The posted limit is a maximum speed under ideal driving conditions. With wet, icy, or snow-covered roads, foggy weather or congested traffic conditions, it is always prudent to travel slower than the allowed limit. Speed Limits are imposed to assist Idaho law enforcement, and enforcement of the limits by them is essential. Limits encourage better traffic flow by reducing the variances in speed from one vehicle to the next, enhancing free-flowing movement.

"Speed-limit signs cannot replace common sense," said ITD southwest Idaho Traffic Engineer Kevin Sablan. "They are intended to supplement - not substitute for - the driver's judgment." 

Highway construction is one of the key forces pushing Idaho toward full economic recovery by creating jobs, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.