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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Officers returning bikes stolen in series of thefts last spring

  Boise, Sept. 11, 2012 - Boise Police property crimes detectives were happy today to return a mountain bike valued at $4,500 to a Boise woman. The bike is the first of several now being released back to their owners after an extensive investigation into a series of bike thefts last spring.091112 Bike Returned 1

Boise Police invited the local media to help share the news, bringing some closure to a case that received national attention after 13 bikes belonging to the Tibco-to-the-Top women's racing team were stolen just before the Exergy Bike Race in Boise last May. Fortunately, officers recovered those bikes the next day and fortunately the team was able to successfully compete in the race. Finding the stolen racing bikes, say detectives, provided them evidence that eventually led to the suspect.


  Suspect Michael Anthony Lawrence, 19 of Boise was arrested June 21, 2012 and charged with Burglary and numerous counts of Grand Theft in connection with the case. For the release in the suspect's arrest, go to:


 So far, the investigation has recovered:

  • 29 bikes (13 of these were the Exergy race bikes)
  • Recovered bikes Valued at $138,730
  • 1 of 6 projectors stolen from a Boise elementary school
  • Bike rack $800
  • $9,000 in cash (proceeds from the sale of stolen bikes)

 Recovered/Stolen Bicycles:

  • Detectives estimated the suspect, Lawrence stolen possibly as many as 50 bikes, many expensive, high-end, from the Boise area this past spring.
  • The suspect sold most of the stolen bikes for pennies on the dollar via the Internet, many to buyers in the Portland, Oregon area.
  • Unfortunately, many of the bikes that were sold have not been found, however 1 was recovered in Albany, Oregon.
  • Of the bikes officers were able to find and are now beginning to return to owners had not yet been sold by the suspect. These bikes were recovered at several locations around the city by officers following up on information provided by the suspect, including public bike racks where the suspect had stashed them until ready for sale.

    Sentencing for the suspect is set for next month. Boise Police are working with Ada County Prosecutors to request restitution for the school and any other victims in this case.