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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Boise Police make arrests and issue citations at massage parlors

   Boise Police, investigating recent citizen complaints of possible criminal activity associated with several local massage parlors, arrested six women at six different Boise massage parlors on Wednesday.

   Charges against the suspects include prostitution, giving a massage without a city license, and violating city sanitary requirements by living or allowing employees to live and sleep inside the massage parlor.

   "For citizens who complain about this type of criminal activity, it comes down to the quality of life they want for their families, either where they live or where they work," says Sgt. Mike Harrington of the Boise Police Vice-Narcotics unit.

   "We do our best to make it a priority to investigate when it becomes a priority for citizens to complain about criminal activity. We have to focus our resources where the problems are occurring. We know this type of activity may be taking place, so we appreciate citizens who can point to areas where it's becoming an issue."

   What Happened: Boise Police began getting citizen complaints several weeks ago alleging criminal activity, including prostitution, occurring inside several local massage parlors.

  Detectives with the Boise Police Vice-Narcotics unit, working with Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officers, launched an undercover investigation on six massage parlors simultaneously Wednesday afternoon, August 8th.

   Detectives reported when they entered the massage parlor and paid for a massage, they were also offered sex for money.

   During the investigation, in addition to evidence of prostitution (Idaho State Code 18-5613), officers also found evidence the suspects were giving massages without a required Boise city massage license (Boise City Code 5-35-02(a), employed workers without a massage license (Boise City Code 5-35-07), and violated Boise City business operating and sanitary requirements by allowing individuals to use the business as a place to live and sleep (Boise City Code 5-35-13(g).

   All the charges are criminal misdemeanors. Violations of the Boise City Codes carry a penalty of a $300 fine and/or 6 months in jail. Prostitution is a state offense and a general misdemeanor, carrying a penalty of a $1,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

Arrested: Meihua Zhang, 57, Boise
Charges: Prostitution (m)
J Spa 6004 W. Overland
Arrested: Kim Sook, 52, Boise
Charges: Prostitution (m)
Apple Spa  174 N. Orchard
 Arrested: Fenghua Sanford, 51, Garden City
Charges: Prostitution (m)
Aloha Spa  6316 W. Overland Rd
Arrested: Jenny Richardson  47, Los Angeles CA.
Charges: Prostitution (m)
Hou Spa  1307 S. Orchard St
Arrested: Li Yanjie, 55, Boise
Charges: Prostitution (m)

Sunflower Spa  1509 S. Robert St #101
Arrested: Leslie J, Kim, 60, Los Angeles CA.
Charges: Prostitution (m)
Hong Kong Spa  1129 Broadway Ave

Each Business establishment was cited for violations of City Code and their business license was suspended for 60 days each. 
Citations issued:
Sunflower Spa
BCC 5-35-16 (C) Employ unlicensed massagist
BCC 5-35-16  (D) Cause/allow/permit illegal acts
BCC 5-35-02 (C)  Unlicensed massagist
Citations issued:
Hou Spa
BCC 5-35-16 (B) Alcoholic Beverage/liquor in premises
BCC 5-35-16 (C) Employ Unlicensed massagist
BCC 5-35-16 (D) Cause/permit/ allow illegal acts
Citations issued:
J Spa
BCC 5-35-16 (D) Cause/permit/ allow illegal acts
Citations issued:
Apple Spa
BCC 5-35-02  (A) Unlicensed massagist
BCC 5-35-16 (C) Employ unlicensed massagist
BCC 5-35-16 (D) Cause /permit / allow illegal acts
BCC 5-35-13 (G) Operating and Sanitary Requirements
Citations issued:
Hong Kong Spa
BCC 5-35-16 (D) Cause / permit/ allow illegal acts
BCC 5-35-16 (B)  Alcoholic beverage/liquor on premise
Citations issued:
Aloha Spa
BCC 5-35-16 (D) Cause / permit/ allow illegal acts