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Monday, July 09, 2012

DUI includes 5 Injury to Child charges; Citizen alert leads offices to young burglars; BPD Weekend Incident Report

Arrested: Cory B. Ashbaker, 35, Boise

Charged: DUI- Excessive (m), Injury to a Child - 5 counts (m)

Boise Police officers on patrol Saturday night, July 7th shortly before 11:00 p.m. witnessed the driver of a Honda Accord make a wide turn from northbound N. Maple Grove Rd. onto Goddard Rd. The vehicle also did not use its turn signal, failed to maintain it's lane and the driver's side front tire was flat. Officers made a traffic stop on the vehicle at Goddard Rd. and Vera St.

As officers spoke to the driver, Ashbaker, they could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage. The driver's eyes were red and watery and he spoke with slurred speech. The officers also found five children between the ages of 8 and 11 in the vehicle. Only three of the children were wearing seat belts.

Officers gave the suspect field sobriety tests, which he failed. The suspect blew a breath alcohol sample of .222/.214, making the charge Enhanced DUI (/home/specialty-units/dui-night-step-team/). Because of the danger to the children in the car, officers also charged the suspect with five counts of misdemeanor injury to a child. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail. 

For the protection of crime victims, Boise Police cannot identify the children in the vehicle. Child custody is also protected by Idaho and federal law. Officers made sure all five children were placed into safe custody. 


Arrested: Dylan B. Slatter, 18, Boise

Chared: Burglary - 3 counts (F)

Boise Police were alerted by a citizen to vehicle prowlers in a neighborhood off N. Cloverdale Rd. and W. Edna St. early Saturday morning, approx. 5:32 a.m. Officers arrived and soon found three suspects, Slatter and two 17 year old males, two of the suspects were found in front of a nearby residence, the third was found by officers apparently passed out beneath a neighbors bushes. During their investigation, officers learned the suspects had taken several bottles of alcohol from a nearby residence that had an open garage door. They also learned the three had apparently been "jockey boxing", meaning they had been looking through unlocked vehicles with the intent to steal items. Officers recovered several items including lighters, a flashlight and a Nintendo video game taken from at least two unlocked vehicles in the neighborhood. The 18 year old Slatter was arrested on the above charges. The two minors were released to their parents. Criminal charges will be forwarded to the juvenile court. 


Arrested: Jeremy S. Meredith, 28, Meridian

Charged: DUI (F), Resisting and obstructing officers (m) Driving without privileges (m). Citations written for Failure to register a vehicle and failure to show proof of liability insurance. 

A Boise Police officer on patrol Saturday morning, July 7th at 2:18 a.m. witnessed the driver of a 4-door sedan fail to maintain his lane while driving 30 mph in a 45 mph zone impeeding other motorists westbound on W. State State at N. Hertford Way. Officers stopped the vehicle and found the driver, Meredith behind the wheel with a suspended license. Officers observed the suspect had red, glassy eyes and slurred speech. Officers could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage and obtained evidence the suspect may also be under the influence of prescription medication. During the investigation, the suspect is accused of sigificant resistance including kicking at and trying to pull away from officers. A blood draw was taken at the Ada County Jail for evidentiary purposes. According to records, the suspect has two previous DUI convictions, one in Idaho in 2011, one in Illinois in 2007, making this DUI charge a felony under Idaho State Code 18-8004


Arrested: Derek R. Sims, 40, Boise

Charged: Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (F), Resisting and obstsructing officers (m)

Boise Police were called Friday, July 6th shortly after 8:00 p.m. by a neighbor reporting a possible domestic situation at a home in the area of W. Ustick and N. Five Mile Roads. While attempting to investigate the situation, the suspect, Sims, is accused of aggressively rushing toward the officers, punching one and kicking another before officers could control and arrest him. Neither officer was hurt seriously. Sims was arrested on the above charges and booked into the Ada County Jail.  


Arrested: Dale W.C. Hansen, aka Scheffer, 34, Eagle

Charged: Burglary (F)

Boise Police took a report from a citizen on July 2, 2012 about the theft of prescription pain medications from inside the citizen's apartment. The victim told officers the theft had occurred on more than one occasion between early April and late June, 2012. After investigating, officers found evidence the suspect, Hansen had entered the victim's apartment without consent and took the pain meds. The suspect had access to the victim's apartment due to his employment as a maintenance man at the complex wher the victim lived. Officers arrested the suspect and booked him into the Ada County Jail Friday afternoon, July 6th. 


Arrested: Anthony J. Zangl, 24, Boise

Charged by Boise PD: Resisting and obstructing officers (m)

Charged by Idaho Fish & Game: Fishing without a license (m), Destruction of evidence (m)

Boise Police were called by an Idaho Fish & Game Conservation Officer Sunday, July 8th at 5:40 p.m. to respond to a pond near the Boise River off Rose Street south of W. State Street. Boise officers were advised by the conservation officer that the suspect was seen fishing without a license, and when confronted, bit the fishing line separating it from the fishiing pole allegedly in an attempt to prohibit the hook and bait from being used as evidence. When the Boise officers approached the suspect for questioning, he raised his arms and forcefully pulled away. Officers were able to control him and place him in handcuffs. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Ada County jail on the above charges. 


Arrested: Samantha M. Larsen, 21, Boise

Charged: Burglary (F)

Boise Police were called to a retal outlet in the area of W. Franklin Rd and N. Milwaukee St. Saturday, July 7th just before 6:00 p.m. Store employees told officers they witnessed the suspect enter the store then leave with an item of clothing she did not pay for. After investigating, officers found evidence the suspect entered the store with the intention of committing the theft, making the burglary charge a felony under Idaho State Code 18-1401. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail.