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Friday, June 01, 2012

Overnight Shooting - Officer Involved

   Update: Additional, Clarifying Information

   Boise, June 1, 2012, 12:05 p.m. - To clarify, the officer who fired his weapon is the officer who was being approached by the armed suspect in what witness officers described as a forward, agressive manner. The officer involved is a five year veteran of the Boise Police Department and has worked his entire career in the Patrol division. He was outside his marked patrol vehicle at the time he fired the shot toward the approaching suspect.

   The armed man has been idenified by the Ada County Coroner as Troy Epperley, 37 of Boise. According to the coroner, Epperley died following a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. 

   Following the shot fired, all four officers on scene immediately began giving the suspect first aid, including efforts to try and slow blood loss prior to the arrival of paramedics. The shot was fired at 10:43 p.m. Epperley was declared dead at a local hospital at 11;56 p.m.

   Please read the following previous release for additional details.



   Boise, June 1, 2012, 4:25 a.m. - The Ada County Critical Incident Task Force (CITF) was activated overnight after a shooting involving a Boise Police Officer. The shooting happened as officers were responding to a call of a man with a gun reported to be suicidal. The man has since died.

    What Happened: A woman called police at 10:23 p.m. last night reporting a man at a home on the 6100 block of N. Sparkford Way had been drinking, was suicidal and had access to weapons in the home. Officers arrived moments later and found the man alone standing in the driveway with a handgun. Although the CITF investigation is still very active, preliminary reports from witness officers say officers attempts to talk the man into putting down the weapon failed. Four officers were on scene at the time. One officer fired one round from his service weapon when he saw the man move aggressively toward officers with the handgun. The shot hit the man in the abdomen. He died later at St Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. His name will be released by the Ada County Coroner following notification of family. He was a resident of the home and identified to be in his 30's. No one else was at the home at the time of the incident. No one else, including the officers were hurt.

    The officers who were on scene, including the officer who fired are on administrative leave which is policy to allow officers to de-stress and recover after being involved in any type of shooting. The officer's name is not being released at the time.

    Ongoing Investigations: Because this incident involved the discharge of an officers weapon while interacting with a criminal suspect, the incident is under investigation by the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force that includes members from Garden City, Meridian and Boise Police, Idaho State Police and the Ada County Sheriff's Office. The information in this release is considered preliminary pending the CITF investigation. Detectives with the Garden City Police Department are leading the multi-agency inquiry. The CITF investigates the criminal aspects of the incident.  The Boise Police Department and the Boise Community Ombudsman are investigating the officers actions with regard to department policy and training.