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Chief of Police

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Citizen tip leads officers to meth & fake money in North End apartment; BPD Daily Incident Report

Arrested: Christopher J. McLellen, 33, Garden City of Boise 

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance–METH-With Intent to Deliver (F), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m)

Arrested: Ramon L. Rodriguez, Jr. 44, Boise

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance-METH (F)

Arrested: Shirley Stone-Jones, 46, Boise

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance–METH-With Intent to Deliver (F), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m), Possession of Fictitious Bill (F) ISC 18-3606

Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officers served a search warrant Monday afternoon, June 18th at 2:00 p.m. on an apartment on the 900 block of O’Farrell Street. The search warrant was the result of an ongoing investigation that began following a citizen tip of possible drug use at the home.  Inside the apartment, officers found suspect Mclellen  in possession of a  digital scale along with several plastic baggies, a glass pipe with burnt white residue, and a baggie containing .4 grams of a white crystal substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine.  

Suspect Stone-Jones was found in possession of a digital scale, glass pipe, and a baggie containing .8 grams of meth.  Stone-Jones was also in possession of a counterfeit $100 bill found laying on her printer. Boise Police notified the Secret Service about the fake bill. At this time there’s no evidence the suspect had been circulating fake bills, however the investigation is continuing.

Suspect Rodriguez was found with a plastic baggie in his pocket with white residue that field tested positive for meth. 

 Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officers are dedicated liaisons between neighborhoods and the police department. They work with residents, other officers and city agencies to solve neighborhood issues like drug houses, burglaries, thefts or other neighborhood safety problems. To contact your Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officer, log onto and click on the upper tab marked Neighborhood Services.


Arrested: Jeffrey J. Capson, 29, Boise

Arrested: Craig L. Fox, 44, Boise

Charged: Aggravated Battery (F)

                Boise Police were called to a fight outside a home on the 1000 block of N. 27th Street last night, June 18th at 6:43 p.m. When officers arrived they found two men, Fox and Capson both bleeding. Both men smelled of alcohol. After investigating, officers found the two were acquainted and had gotten into a physical fight inside the home that later moved outside. The fight involved one suspect, Fox hitting the other with his aluminum cane, followed by Capson breaking the cane over Fox’s head. Both men were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Upon release, both were booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charge. 


Arrested: Frank L. Walters III, 29, Garden City

Charged: DUI (F)

A Boise Police Patrol Sergeant made a traffic stop on a vehicle at 2:09 a.m. this morning on N. Curtis Rd at Bond Street. The officer stopped the car after he witnessed the driver weaving in and out of his traffic lane, speeding and make a wide right turn. As the officer contacted the driver he immediately smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage. The driver’s eyes were glassy and his speech slow and deliberate. A BPD Night STEP officer arrived to assist. The suspect driver, Walters failed field sobriety tests. He blew a .204/.201 during a breath test. A record check revealed the suspect had been convicted of two previous DUI’s in April, 2008 and August, 2006, making this arrest a felony. 

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