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Monday, April 23, 2012

DUI Patrol: 10% of stops were DUI arrests

Boise, April 23, 2012 - The Boise Police Night STEP team, the unit made up of officers specially trained in DUI enforcement, prosecution and education, focused their efforts last Wednesday and Thursday, April 18th and 19th on the outbound connector both nights from 10:00 p.m. until midnight. Word of the focused DUI patols were released ahead of time to citizens via the Boise Police Department's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Seven officers made 55 total traffic stops and found evidence that six drivers, or slightly more than 10% were driving under the influence. All six were arrested for DUI.

 "It's very concerning that we found that many drivers, more than ten-percent on a weekday night who chose to drive under the influence. We're very glad officers made arrests instead of having to respond to crashes," said Lt. Bryan Hagler of the Boise Night STEP team. 

 "The I-184 connector is a major route out of the heart of the city that people use after all kinds of social, sports and entertainment events. It's fairly comon to find officers patrolling the connector, and we put the word out that DUI patrols would be out in force these nights and still we had this high number of DUI arrests. That shows we need to continue our solid enforcement as well as education efforts to try and keep people safe onBoise roadways. " said Lt. Hagler.

Here are the statistics from the focused patrols April 18 & 19, 10:00 p.m. until midnight:

Total Stops:  55 traffic stops

DUI Arrests:  6

Move-over warnings:  19

Move-over citations:  3

Speed warnings:  6

Speed citations:  1

Red Light citations:  1

No Insurance citations:  4

Expired Drivers License citations:  1

Driving Without Privileges citations:  1

Warrant Arrests:  1

It is always officer discretion whether to issue a warning or a citation to a driver for a traffic infraction. Officers make that decision based on the overall circumstances involved in that particular stop and situation. Officers give no tolerance to drivers after evidence they are driving under the influence.

For more on the Boise PD Night STEP team, DUI education, enforcement and penalties, go to the Boise Police Night STEP team web page.