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Friday, April 13, 2012

Chief, Mayor Honor Boise High Student

Boise, April 13, 2012 - Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson and Mayor David Bieter surprised a Boise High School graduating senior during a class assembly today041312 - Kyle1 to honor and thank the student for his work creating a bike safety educational pamplet unique to Boise City. The pamplet was a project for a Boise High community leadership class.

"Anyone can make a difference, you just need to try and believe that you can," said student Kyle Swanstrom to the Boise High Class of 2012. 

"I learned that I have more influential power than I thought I did and that's part of the classes I am taking, teaching us all this power that we are not sure we have, but we do and its very cool. I learned how to work with a group outside of the norm, outside of my comfort zone and that was very cool." said Kyle.

The Certificate of Appreciation presented to Kyle reads: 

Recognizing that safety is critical to Boise's high quality of life, Boise High School senior Kyle Swanstrom approached the Boise Police Department offering to produce a pamphlet focused on safe cycling ordinances. Kyle's effort was a project for Boise High's Leadership and Community Responsibility class, taught by Jan Solberg. Boise Police recognized a great opportunity to educate citizens on cycling safety laws, many unique to Boise City. Kyle arranged several meetings with members of the Boise Police Bike Patrol Unit, which included asking officers what would be most helpful, discussing safety needs and educational opportunities and finally, reviewing the finished product that included text and pictures produced by Kyle himself. The brochure titled Boise Cyclists' Pamplet; Smarter Cyclists Means a Safer Community, is now posted and available for download at and copies of the pamphlet are available at Boise City Hall West. Copies have also been distributed to officers for reference, and will be part of the BPD's ongoing cycling safety education. The Boise Police Department is sincerely grateful to the work of Boise High student Kyle Swanstrom for his outstanding effort in making Boise a safer, more livable city.

Kyle first approached the Boise Police Department with his idea last fall. After several meetings with BPD bike officers, Kyle presented the department with the finished product in February. As the certificate notes, the pamplet has been distributed to officers as a resource, is available on the department's bike safety education web page, and at City Hall West.

Kyle's Boise Cyclist's Pamplet is available for download - click here.

For addition cycling safety information available from Boise Police - click here. 

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