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Friday, February 24, 2012

Seat Belt Safety

Seat Belt Safety

    Boise, Feb 24, 2012 - Boise Police recently completed a special two-week education and enforcement campaign focusing on the safety of wearing seat belts. The effort was in cooperation with the Idaho Department of Transportation's "Can't Imagine Life Without You" seat belt safety campaign. 

    Recent Boise Police surveys show 88 - 90% of motorists in Boise City wear their seat belts.

    However, in the past two-weeks, officers on special traffic patrols focusing on seat belt enforcement wrote 2,028 citations for failing to buckle up. The citation carries a $10 fine.

    Enforcement:During the recent campaign, as with every day traffic stops, failure to wear a seat belt is not a primary offense in Idaho, per Idaho State Code 49-673. Officers wrote the 2,000+ citations when they made traffic stops on motorists who were first suspected of another traffic violation like speeding or running a red light or stop sign. However, while the extra seat belt patrols were on the streets, officers also located one DUI driver and made 3 drug related arrests in addition to a large variety of additional traffic violations. 

    Seat Belt use in Idaho: According to the Idaho Transportation Department's Office of Highway Safety, Idaho continues to have a large percentage of fatal and serious injury crashes involving drivers or passengers who are not restrained in a seat belt.

    Between 2008 and 2010, there were 427 fatal crashes and 2,459 serious injury crashes where a motor vehicle occupant was killed or seriously injured: resulting in 488 fatalities and 3,302 serious injured. Of the 488 occupant fatalities, 266 or 55% were unrestrained. Of the 3,302 serious injuries, 994 or 30% were unrestrained. The unrestrained occupants represent 40% of all of the people killed and 23% of all of the people seriously injured in traffic crashes from 2008-2010.


The focused campaign may have ended, but Boise Police are on the streetsevery daylooking for traffic violations, including failure to wear seat belts. Buckle Up for those you love!