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Friday, December 30, 2011

DUI Drivers Risk Vehicle Towing

DUI Drivers Risk Vehicle Towing
   Dec. 30, 2011 - Drivers arrested for DUI in Boise beginning December 31st risk having their car towed, only to be released to a sober adult driver. The move is meant to make sure intoxicated drivers cannot bond out of jail, return to their cars and return to the road.
   Citizens are much more likely to be seriously injured or killed on our roadways than anywhere else. Drivers, already arrested once for DUI, then returning to their vehicles following release of custody and continuing to drive while intoxicated is a compelling public safety issue.
   Those drivers going to jail for DUI have already been arrested due to evidence collected by the officers use of portable breathalyzer's, devices called "life-locs" in the field.
   Better than 95% of drivers arrested in Boise for DUI are convicted according to a 2009 study by the Boise City Attorney's Office.*
   Since September, Boise Police have had two cases where drivers have lawfully bonded out of jail, returned to the cars and were arrested a second time for DUI; both arrests coming within hours of each other (see details below)
   State, City Codes: Idaho State Code 49-1803A provides for towing and storage of vehicles following crashes and driver arrests. The Boise Police procedure for towing following DUI arrests mirrors the requirements of state law allowing the vehicle to be released only to a sober licensed driver. The owner of the vehicle towed following the DUI arrest of the driver will be responsible for the tow fee as applied under Boise City Code 10-23-06 of $125 for light duty vehicles. DUI tows on the weekends may face an additional storage surcharge of $50, also allowed for in Boise City's Towing Ordinance, to release the vehicle.
   Following the DUI arrest of the driver, the vehicle will not be towed if a licensed sober adult (over 18) driver is present and able to drive the vehicle with the vehicle owner's consent.
   Recent Arrests: Oct. 28, 2011 - a Meridian woman, 54, was arrested by Boise Police twice within 3 hours for DUI: the first at approx 7:00 p.m. from the area of S. Orchard & W. Targee Streets. The woman bonded out of jail, returned to the same location. Neighbors called into police that she had returned and was causing a disturbance, then tried to drive away, which resulted in the second arrest that night. Both were misdemeanor DUI arrests.
   Sept. 7, 2011 - A Boise woman, 47 was arrested by Boise Police twice within 5 hours. The first arrest coming after employees at a retail store called 911 to report an intoxicated driver. The woman was soon arrested on the 200 block of E. Highland St. She bonded out of jail and returned to her vehicle, still parked at the location of her arrest, and attempted to drive away. She was spotted by one of the same officers who arrested her the first time, which led to her second arrest.
   The Idaho State Police and Meridian Police are two agencies in the Valley that also have procedures that allow for the towing of vehicles following a DUI arrest.