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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meth, Cocaine found in neighborhood drug house; Woman faces second Enhanced DUI; BPD daily incident report

11-17-11 Meth, Cocaine found in neighborhood drug house; Woman faces second Enhanced DUI; BPD daily incident report

Arrested: Alysha L. Beer, 18, Boise
Charged: Possession of Meth (F), Possession of Cocaine (F), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m)

    Boise Police Patrol Officers were called by citizens and alerted of potential drug activity occurring at a home on the 5300 block of W. Ellens Ferry Dr. yesterday morning, Wednesday, November 16th. During their investigation, patrol officers included the Neighborhood Contact Officer for the area. The NCO was also aware of previous complaints and prior drug investigations at the same house.

    Officers were able to obtain and serve a search warrant on the residence. During the search, officers found numerous spoons and syringes, paraphernalia associated with drug use. Officers also located a resident of the home, Beer, and found her to be in possession of spoons that tested positive for residue of meth and cocaine. Beer was arrested and booked on the above charges.

    Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officers are dedicated liaisons between neighborhoods and the police department. They work with residents, other officers and agencies to solve neighborhood issues like drug houses, burglaries, thefts, or other neighborhood safety issues. To contact your Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officer, log onto and click on Neighborhood Services.


Arrested: Wendy Mae Patrick, 56, Boise
Charged: DUI Enhanced - 2nd offense (F), Driving without privileges (m)

    A Boise Police officer on patrol shortly after midnight this morning found himself traveling behind a car headed northbound on Roosevelt Street. The officer watched the vehicle as it turned right on W. Overland Rd into the far left lane. The officer continued traveling behind the vehicle and soon saw the driver swerve into the center turn lane. The officer immediately stopped the vehicle at Overland and S. Owyhee St. As he spoke with the driver, the officer could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage. The patrol officer called a member of the BPD DUI Night STEP team to assist. The driver, identified as Patrick, failed field sobriety tests and blew a breath alcohol content of .204/.201.

    According to Idaho Code, .20 and above is considered enhanced for driving while intoxicated. Officers found Patrick has a prior Enhanced DUI conviction from November, 2010, making this second Enhanced DUI a felony arrest. Her license is also suspended through April, 2012  due to the previous Enhanced DUI.

    For more on DUI charges and penalties, log onto 


Arrested: Ronnie Ray Pierce, 57, Transient
Charged: Aggravated Assault (F), Malicious Harassment (F)

    Boise Police were called by witnesses to a verbal argument than turned violent in the alley behind the 500 block of S. 13th Street, last night, Nov. 16th at  7:41 p.m. When officers arrived, witnesses reported that the suspect and victim were in an argument that included the suspect yelling racial slurs toward the victim. Witnesses said the suspect then pulled a knife and threatened the victim, but as officers arrived, both the suspect and victim backed away from each other. The victim did indicate to a Boise Police detective that he believed the incident was racially motivated. Officers arrested and booked the suspect in the Ada County Jail on the above charges.

    For more on Idaho's Malicious Harassment law, read ICS 18-7902.