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Friday, September 30, 2011

Spice Investigation ends in Arrests

09-30-11 Spice Investigation ends in Arrests

    Boise, Sept. 30, 2011 - As part of an ongoing investigation, detectives with the Boise Police BANDIT Vice Narcotics Unit served three search warrants and arrested four people yesterday on numerous felony charges related to a large-scale manufacture and sales operation of the illegal drug "Spice". Officers found thousands of containers of "Twizted Potpourri" packaged for sale at a warehouse and retail store, multiple bags of loose plant, chemicals, flavoring, acetone, scales and packaging, all used in the production of Spice. 

    "We have cases locally where people have suffered very serious health consequences after using Spice. The drug was made illegal in Idaho last year and when we hear about somebody selling the drug, we'll take that very seriously," said Sgt. Mike Harrington of BANDIT.

    "Spice is a Schedule I drug and, although it's new, Spice and synthetic drugs like it now fall under the same laws as heroin, marijuana and GHB. People need to know we will enforce laws outlawing Spice just like we do with other illegal drugs." said Sgt. Harrington.

Arrested: Morgan C. Alley, 24, Boise

Charged: Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Schedule I - Spice (F) ISC 37-2732(a), Conspiracy to Manufacture a Controlled Substance - Spice (F) ISC 37-2732-F, Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia (F) ISC 37-2734-B, Unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon (F) ISC 18-3316

Arrested: Tashina M. Alley, 22, Boise

Charged: Conspiracy to Manufacture a Controlled Substance - Spice (F) ISC 37-2732-B, Destruction of Evidence (F) ISC 18-2603

Arrested: Charlynda L. Goggin, 21, Boise

Charged :Conspiracy to Manufacture a Controlled Substance - Spice (F) ISC 37-2732-B 2 cts, Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia (F) ISC 37-2734(b)

Arrested: Cadee Jo Peterson, 22, Boise    

Charged: Conspiracy to Manufacture a Controlled Substance - Spice (F) ISC 37-2732-B


     The Charges: Suspect Morgan Alley is accused of owning the Red Eye Hut business, living in the home and renting the warehouse where illegal drugs and evidence of illegal drug sales were located. Morgan Alley was also found to be in possession of a shotgun, a felony considering his past felony drug convictions. 

    Tashina Alley, Morgan's wife, is accused of having knowledge and assisting in the manufacture operation, and of destroying evidence during her contact with police. 

    Charlynda Goggin and Cadee Jo Peterson are accused of having knowledge and assisting in the manufacture operation. Charlynda is also accused of selling drug paraphernalia at the Red Eye Hut. 

      The Investigation:Since last year, it is illegal in Idaho to possess, sell or manufacture Spice, often marketed as aromatherapy, but typically smoked and selling for approx $15 for a small one gram jar.

    Evidence gathered by Boise Police detectives during an ongoing investigation resulted in search warrants served yesterday at three locations: a home on the 3000 blk of S. Roosevelt St., a store front called the "Red Eye Hut" at 2613 W. Camas St, and a warehouse near S. Cole and W. Overland Roads. Officers believe the Red Eye Hut has been open to the public just the past few weeks. 

    The investigation is continuing and more arrests are possible. 

    What officers found: Officers found evidence of a large scale Spice manufacturing operation at the warehouse. All the raw ingredients to make a several varieties of Spice were found in the warehouse and inside a safe located on the property. Officers also found approximately20,250 jars of finished product, packaged, labeled under the brand name Twizted Potpourri and ready for sale. 

    More than 100 smoking pipes and approx. 10,000 jarsof Twizted Potpourri were found by detectives for sale on shelves at the Red Eye Hut, owned and operated by suspects Morgan and Tashina Alley. 

    Evidence of Spice sales was also found at the residence on S. Roosevelt St. 

    What is "Spice": Spice is a street name for a substance manufactured using a variety of chemicals with effects similar to THC, the checmical found in marijuana. The Idaho legislature outlawed the active ingredients used to make Spice last year after evidence the substances were being smoked to get a dangerous high. The outlawed chemicals, sometimes mixed with Acetone and sprayed onto a potpourri-like mixture can create effects that are highly addictive and physically harmful.