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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Officers arrest a woman for DUI twice within 5 hours; BPD daily incident report

09-07-11 Officers arrest a woman for DUI twice within 5 hours; BPD daily incident report

Arrested: Michelle L. Caves, 47, Boise
Charged: DUI (m) - 2 arrests

    Arrest #1: Boise Police were called by employees of a retail store at E. Parkcenter Blvd and Apple St, Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 5:30 p.m. The employees reported that a woman had entered the store and appeared very intoxicated. She smelled of alcohol and stumbled and dropped items while inside the store. Store employees told officers they called 911 and tried to detain her and not let her drive away but they were unsuccessful. The employees were able to provide officers with the license number of the woman's vehicle and her direction of travel.
    Very soon, an officer caught up to the driver on the 200 block of E. Highland Street. As she was stopping for the officer, he saw her almost hit a jersey barrier and drive off the road. The officer also smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver, identified as Michelle Caves. After failing field sobriety tests, she was arrested and taken to the Ada County Jail where she blew a .371/.339/.328 blood alcohol content. Cave's car was secured at the scene and her keys were booked in with her property at the jail.

    Arrest #2: Boise Police were called by a citizen shortly before 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, Sept 6th reporting a DUI driver had returned to their car and was going to drive home. Officers recognized the woman's description as the same woman they had just arrested for DUI less than five hours earlier. One of the previous arresting officers arrived on scene as the suspect Caves was coming around the corner northbound on the 200 block of E. Mallard Dr., just around the corner from the previous DUI arrest. The officer saw the driver swerve into oncoming traffic and almost drive head on into his patrol vehicle. The officer turned around and made a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle. As the officer approached Caves, he could still smell alcohol. Again, she failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI. At the Ada County Jail Caves blew a .24/.23 on the Intoxilyzer. Following her arrest, officers requested Caves car be towed to a private, secure lot.

Arrested: Jermaine M. Barbee, 38, Boise
Charged: Possession of Controlled Substance - Meth (F),  Possession of a Schedule II drug without prescription - Hydrocodone (F), Possession of marijuana (m)

    A Boise Police officer on patrol last night, Sept. 6th at approx. 11:00 p.m. at N. Orchard and W. Emerald Streets saw a car ahead of him with the license plate hanging down so it was unreadable. The officer then witnessed the vehicle change lanes without a turn signal. The officer conducted a traffic stop. While speaking to the driver, the officer could see the passenger in the vehicle, identified as Barbee, continue to reach into his pants pockets, even after being told to keep his hands where the officer could see them. A Police K9 searched the vehicle and alerted, indicating the likely presence of drugs. Officers search the vehicle and found the passenger Barbee to be in possession of a baggie containing marijuana, several pills identified as Hydrocodone, and a baggie with a white crystal-like substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. The suspect was booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charges.

Arrested: Amber J. Riding (aka Bishoff), 33, Boise
Charged: Possession of Controlled Substance - Meth (F)

    Boise Police were requested by Idaho Probation and Parole agents to respond to the suspect's residence just west of  N. Maple Grove Rd and Cory Lane. The suspect, Riding is on felony probation for a previous drug delivery charge. During the parole agent's search of the suspect's home, agents found the suspect to be in possession of  methamphetamine. Boise Police arrested the suspect and booked her into the Ada County Jail on the above charge.