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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crime Stat Comparison

09-27-11 Crime Stat Comparison
I have attached the comparison that you were interested in.  Boise City, State of Idaho and National crime compared to 2006.  Unfortunately the national crime raw numbers are not available yet, so I used 2009.  Let me know if this is a problem.  The national preliminary data indicates that they are seeing an overall 2.8% decrease in crime from 2009 to 2010, so the individual percentages that I have listed should not move much.

Overall, Boise has seen at 16.5% reduction in crime; The State of Idaho has seen 11.6% reduction and the Nation has seen a 7.4%, which could be as high as 10+ % decrease if the numbers pan out as expected.

Good morning, the mayor will most likely have a release in the next few weeks on boise's crime rate compared to national, state and region numbers.  Boise is much lower when compared to all. I've given credit to our citizens for their cooperation, wco and sro involvement with schools and neighborhoods, metro violent crimes task force, community education.  I will share the chart again when i return but in the meanwhile can you think of reasons why our crime rate is lower than all others?