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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Treasure Valley Neighborhood Summit is Sept. 10th!

Treasure Valley Neighborhood Summit is Sept. 10th!
     Boise, Aug. 16, 2011 - Members of the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit are helping host the Treasure Valley Neighborhood Summit, planned for the Double tree Hotel Riverside in Boise, Saturday, September 10th.

    "We want each one attending the Summit to come away with tools to use and share with your neighbors; to be motivated and inspired in your efforts for a healthy and safe neighborhood, and to know that together, we are "laying the foundation for better neighborhoods, one brick at a time." said Charlene Miller, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for the Boise Police Department.

    To Attend:

    The cost is $15/person, which includes breakfast, lunch, a variety of workshops and roundtable discussions with local neighborhood leaders, and an opportunity to hear the keynote speaker, author, Jay Walljasper.   

    To register, go to .

    Pre-registration is required and the deadline to register is September 1st.

    Download a TV Neighborhood Summit flyer!


Workshops & Roundtable Discussions for the 2011 Neighborhood Summit
Saturday, September 10, 2011

8:00 a.m. Attendee Check-in, Continental Breakfast, Mayor’s Reception

8:45 Welcome, Flag presentation, Honor Guard

9:30 1st Session

    1.  Planning Neighborhood Events - Roundtable Discussion

    2.  Navigating the Internet for Your Neighborhood – Finding the Answers to Your Online Questions
Presenter:  Tamara Hess, Crime Analyst, Ada County Sheriff’s Office

    3.  The Benefits of Incorporating Your HOA and Maintaining Your Status
Presenter:  Sarah M. Anderson, Associate Attorney at Vial Fotheringham

    4.  Graffiti – A Visual Crime
Presenter:  Det. Tony Davidson, Boise Police Dept

    5.  How to Save the World on Your Own Block
Description:  Many of the world’s problems, from crime to pollution to social alienation, can be addressed at the level of a neighborhood.  Through neighborhood projects, you really can start to save the world on your own block.
Presenter:  Jay Walljasper

    6.   Planning and Zoning Basics
Description: Learn about the planning department functions from the Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Ordinance to property rights and development rights/standards.  This workshop will provide you with tools to effectively work with planning staff as a neighborhood representative. Presenters:  Boise City Planners:  Cody Riddle, Joan Johnson, Sarah Schafer, Hal Simmons

10:30 Break

10:45 2nd Session

    1.  Coalition Building – Increasing Your Neighborhood’s Effectiveness and Partnering with City Staff and Leaders - Roundtable Discussion
Description: Learn about Boise City’s Neighborhood Associations and participate in current efforts to work together to achieve greater collaboration with city staff and leaders.

    2.  CC&R Issues/Code Enforcement/Nuisance Properties
Panelists:  Sarah M. Anderson, Associate Attorney at Vial Fotherinham; James Hunt, Code Enforcement Officer, Meridian Police Dept.; Jan Rose, Star Property

    3.  Introduction to Neighborhood Watch
Description:  Wondering what a Neighborhood Watch group is?  This workshop will provide an overview of the program, current crime trends, an exercise on observation and reporting, and where you can look for small grants to help your neighborhood.
Presenter:  Robbi Woodson, National Sheriff’s Association

    4.  Not My Kid
Description:  Find out the types of drugs currently being used by children in our communities, the signs of drug use, and how they hide drug paraphernalia.
Presenter:  Elisha Figueroa, Community Service Coordinator, Meridian Police Dept., Tammy de Weerd, Mayor of Meridian

    5.  Wildfire Mitigation
Description:  The actions that a homeowner takes prior to a wildland fire are the single most important factor in determining whether or not their home will survive a wildfire.  Find out how wildfires threaten our homes and neighborhoods, and learn how to protect your home and make your community Firewise.
Presenter:  Pat Durland, Principal of Stone Creek Fire, LLC

    6.  Navigating the Criminal Justice System
Description:  This workshop will provide a better understanding of how a case flows through the criminal justice system from start to finish.
Presenter:  Bryan Taylor, Prosecuting Attorney, Canyon County

11:45 Break

12:00 Plated Lunch, Keynote Speaker, Jay Walljasper

1:45 p.m. 3rd Session

    1.  Getting Kids Involved in Your Neighborhood - Roundtable Discussion

    2.  Protecting Your Personal Property
Description:  Of all the things we value most, our personal property is number two!  This workshop will give you practical, inexpensive and easily implemented ways to protect your property.
Presenter:  Sgt. Larry McGhee, MITP

    3.  Adult Internet Safety
Presenter – Rob Fowler, Ada County Sheriff’s Office

    4.  Family Emergency Preparedness
Description:  Being prepared is much better than the alternative.  This workshop will cover the potential hazards of Ada County and how you can prepare individually and as a family for those events.
Presenter:  Paul Marusisch, Ada City-County Emergency Management

    5.  Public Comment – How to Speak at a Public Hearing
Presenter:  Maryanne Jordan, Boise City Council President

    6.  The Impact of Foreclosures in Your Neighborhood
Panelists:  James Hunt, Code Enforcement Officer, Meridian Police Dept;
Rich Nesbit, Realtor; Jan Rose, Star Property

2:45 Break

3:00 4th Session

    1.  Communicating With Neighbors (Newsletters, Email, etc) - Roundtable Discussion

    2.  Neighborhood Watch Sustainability & Motivation
Description:  Wondering what other groups are doing, how social media might help our group, and what more we can do?  This workshop will provide an overview of helpful resources to keep your group motivated.
Presenter:  Robbi Woodson, National Sheriff’s Association

    3.  Neighborhood Conflict Resolution – The Sounding Board
Presenter:  Randal Reese, Director of The Sounding Board

    4.  Crimes Against Children Internet Safety
Presenter:  Rob Fowler, Ada County Sheriff’s Office

    5.  What is The Commons and Why Does it Matter?
Description:  The commons is an old word for a newly important idea:   Some things belong to everyone and need to be protected and enriched for ourselves and future generations.  This includes air, water, parks and streets, Internet and scientific knowledge, public safety and public services, and much more.   For a healthier, happier, safer tomorrow we need a strong sense of the commons.
Presenter:   Jay Walljasper

4:00 Good-bye, thank you for coming and have a wonderful afternoon!

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